Focus. Willpower. Determination. These are the things that we have been taught to have successful weight loss.

But, did you know that creativity is also a key factor in any long term weight mastery journey?

For episode 52 of The Thin Thinking Podcast, we’re going to discuss creativity and how being creative is at the heart of weight, business and life mastery with the award-winning contemporary art advisor and creativity expert, Maria Brito. Maria will help us on how to start to develop the creativity inside of us.

If you feel like you lack the creative gene, I encourage you to take a pause and listen to this amazing episode and start embracing that creative identity inside you.

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Rita Black: Many people may question how creativity factors into weight loss success. Sure, we need focus, willpower determination, but creativity? Yes. In fact, in my experience being creative is a key factor in any long term weight mastery journey. If you feel like you may lack the creative gene, take pause and tune in with my special guest Maria Brito. For 13 years, Maria has been studying what makes people creative. She used each skill and technique in her new book, How Creativity Rules The World, to pivot her career from being a corporate attorney to a seven-figure art advisory and consulting company. She is also an expert at teaching people how to turn on their creativity gene and use it to innovate groundbreaking ideas for business, life, and as we discuss, weight mastery, so stay tuned.

Rita Black: Did you know that our struggle with weight doesn't start with the food on your plate or get fixed in the gym? 80% of our weight struggle is mental. That's right, the key to unlocking long-term weight release and management begins in your mind. Hi there, I'm Rita Black. I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, weight loss expert, best-selling author, and the creator of the Shift Weight Mastery Process. And not only have I helped thousands of people over the past 20 years achieve long-term weight mastery, I am also a former weight struggler, carb addict, and binge eater. And after two decades of failed diets and fad weight loss programs, I lost 40 pounds with the help of hypnosis. Not only did I release all that weight, I have kept it off for 25 years. Enter the Thin Thinking Podcast where you too will learn how to remove the mental roadblocks that keep you struggling. I'll give you the thin thinking tools, skills, and insights to help you develop the mindset you need. Not only to achieve your ideal weight, but to stay there long-term and live your best life. Sound good. Let's get started.

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Rita Black: So today, we are gonna discuss creativity, how being creative is at the heart of weight, business and life mastery. And my guest Maria Brito is a creativity expert. And even if you don't think you are very creative, she knows how to teach you to tap into the creative genius within. So I'm excited to introduce to you my guest, Maria Brito, I interviewed Maria on creativity and asked her how we can start to develop it. Maria, so you know, is an award-winning contemporary art advisor, author and curator. A Harvard graduate originally from Venezuela. She was selected by complex magazine as one of the 20 Power Players in the Art World and chosen by ARTNEWS as one of the visionaries who gets to shape the art world. She has written for publications, such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Elle, Forbes and countless others. And for several years, Maria has taught her creativity course to top companies. Maria and her projects have been featured extensively in national and international publications, including the New York Times Style Section, the New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, W Magazine, Time Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Observer, The Daily Beast, The Economist, VOGUE, The Financial Times and more. And she lives in New York city with her husband and two sons. So welcome to Thin Thinking Maria.

Maria Brito: Hi Rita. I'm so happy to be here and hello everybody who is tuning in. Hi. Hello. Happy to talk to you today.

Rita Black: Yes. Well, I am so excited because I think this whole idea of creativity and weight management, you know, not a lot of people think about weight management from a creative perspective, but I think how we use the brain is so important. And I wanted to hear more from you, you know, how we can put our brain in creative mode to achieve our goals, you know, to get weight management, to get more of what we want out of life, not just weight management. So can you first though, just tell us a little bit about you because I'm sure I find this really fascinating what you do and I'm sure the audience will find it very fascinating as well.

Maria Brito: Yes. Well, thanks. You know, I'm an art advisor and curator. And what that means is that I am the eyes and ears of my clients, the art collectors, and I go to galleries, museums, art fairs around the world, looking for the new best talents or, you know, the middle of the career talents and things that I recommend to my clients so that they can beheld their art collections around their passions and around their interests and obviously gain financial value over time. And in the midst of all this, I worked with more than 450 of the most successful contemporary artists in the world who are visionaries and pioneers of many ideas. And I learned a lot about them. I learned a lot about my clients and I figured at some point that my clients, the CEOs of this companies, or, you know, actors, actresses people from the entertainment world or inventors, you know, they, and the artist shared a lot of commonalities and it was all about their creative thinking, their ability to come up with solutions, they they're disruptive ideas. And I love that, you know, I was able to kind of put all these things together and not only for me because I used to be a corporate attorney and I transitioned into this field 13 years ago, coming from a very dry and barren world into what I build for myself.

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: And I think that the genesis of it all is creativity and creative thinking, not as artistic talent, as someone who can, you know, paint a canvas, but creativity as unique ability that people have to come up with ideas of value that are relevant. Right? I mean, and, and that is in any field marketing.

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: There is a lot of creativity, you know, and, managing your life too, right? Managing your life requires creativity.

Rita Black: I think this is so important because I think that a lot of people would say, if you ask them, if they're creative, they'll say no. And they'll think of this, they'll think, well, I'm not a painter. I'm not artistically inclined or I'm not musically inclined, inclined, but, but creativity is really a brain skill. It really is engaging your brain in a particular way. And that's why I think what you have learned is so fascinating and, and, what you can, what you're gonna discuss with us today is just like, how do we engage our brain because you know, when we don't know it, but when we're making decisions or helping our kids solve the problems, we are engaging that part of our brain. But I think a lot of us think we're creative by accident rather it being something that you can cultivate, it can become a skill that you can use versus something that just happens by accident.

Maria Brito: You know, creativity is a muscle and like anything in life, people have to work at their creative skills every day cause if someone goes to the gym once a month, they are probably not gonna see a lot of results. If they go once a week, they probably will see, maybe I don't know. And if they go five times a week, they are really going to see great results specially over time with consistency. Right?

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: So creativity is very similar in the sense that we work at our skills. And one thing is people feel also that creativity is just that one magic, God-given talent, and it's not. Many psychologists have already separated the, you know, art business and science of creativity and what it is is an amalgamation of skills. You know? So it's not one thing. It, it is human's desires and, and willingness to incorporate all these different skills in their lives and to hone them daily. Right? And sometimes people work more at some of them. And sometimes people work some at some others because it all depends on what you're looking for at any given time, ideally.

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: It will all be part of your repertoire, but at, you know, it's like anything in life. Sometimes you're more inclined to have the, this desire to be a risk taker cause you feel you have everything that is playing out so that you can actually take those risks and risk taking is part of being creative as it is the idea of being autonomous. When you have an idea, but you immediately kill it or you self censor yourself, that's actually anti-creative. But if you are authentic and autonomous is that you believe that you can back up your findings, your truth, whatever came to your mind, right, with actions and with taking those things to reality, that is part of being creative. So all those things are not expensive. They are not hard to find, but it's difficult to get some sort of a manual that tells you what to do and how to do it.

Rita Black: Yes. Yes. Well, you have been immersed in this world and you have really, I would say like what, honed, synthesize ,boiled down these skills and techniques and Maria is, it's very exciting cause that she's here today cause she's publishing a book and it's coming out on March 15th, 2022, for those of you who are listening to this. Prior to that, I'm gonna put the link in the show notes, cause I want you to go get it cause you're gonna get this amazing, there's a lot of amazing bonuses as well. But this, this book is called creativity, How Creativity Rules the World. And it is published by Harper Collins. I'm getting this very discombobulated. I'm not being very creative. But tell us, tell us, you know, and I want you to tell us a little more about the book, but I have a first question Maria for you. So, you know, how does you know creativity? Why is it so important? You know, like I look at the difference between like American innovation and other places around the world. Like, like, and I, I know you see it through the lens of that, but like in your mind, like why is creativity so important and why does it rule the world?

Maria Brito: Well, creativity is the foundation of every idea and without ideas, there's no progress and we are all going backwards, right? And without the execution of those ideas. So every big breakthrough comes from creativity in every field and that is range. It ranges from the world of medicine to the world of accounting, right? I mean anything and everything in between. Start it with a great idea. The Zoom where we're talking right now, the car that you turn on every day. So creativity rules the world because without that we would be in the ice age, right. I mean, we will not really have all the things that we have right now for our comfort, for our to, you know, extend our lifespans like we have as humans, you know, to bring your podcast to people who wanna think thin and things like that. Right?

Maria Brito: So creativity is the foundation of everything because the idea is one thing, creativity is more specific. It's kind of like I have the idea and now I'm going to apply it to life. I'm gonna bring it to life. And it also, also creativity is always also a part of decision making, is also a of problem solving. For, for the long, for the longest time, a lot of, psychologists and writers and researchers wanted to separate this ideas of 'creativity with a small C' and 'Creativity with a big C'. It was a big C like this great inventions and breakthroughs. But I think that's bullshit because I don't really like to think about that the concept of creativity is just reserved for a few. In fact, I want to demystify that position and give people a whole host of reasons and you know, techniques, methods and, and all the kind of, you know, psychological research too, that, that exists that proves that this is not just for a handful of chosen ones and it's not a God-given talent and it is not something that is genetic or that you inherit it from your parents, but it is merely a serious of actions and habits that each one of us must be willing to cultivate. And that's it.

Rita Black: Can I just say how, what you just said is so important and it is exactly what I say to people when it comes to long term permanent weight management. Like, you know, when somebody goes on a diet often it's something that exists outside of them. It requires zero creativity. It actually requires conforming to an idea. And, but when people and research has shown that when people move from what you would call the external locus of control, like all the exterior events happening to your kind of a victim of your circumstances versus internal locus of control, when you're really taking charge and taking responsibility for your weight mastery, you are cultivating habits, thoughts, strategies that into your life, you are creating this synergistic lifestyle, which, you know, evolves over time. You know, you, no weight mastery journey is inflexible. It's incredibly flexible. It's not static. I think a lot of people think of it as like, let me lock this in and keep it like this forever, which you can't, you have to have a flexible mind. You have to have a creative mind. So that's why this is so exciting to me. So what are some, a few steps that we can start taking Maria that can, you know, like just to become more creative in our day-to-day life?

Maria Brito: Well, a lot of these things overlap with your philosophy because one of the things that actually strangles creativity the most is when people multitask and when they are so drowned in their worlds with noise and activities and whatnot, that they don't really have time to listen to their own ideas. And this sounds extraordinarily simple when I say it, but it is so hard to put in practice because, you know, first we have also generation of, you know, millennials and gen Z, who've grown with all this noise as part of their environments. In fact, Harvard University put together a, a study where they had a bunch, I mean, I don't know, 600, I don't know how many, young students who were, they were experimenting with them and they were sort of like seeing their reactions and ask them what, what was better, either being alone for 15 minutes or 10 minutes or receiving an electrical shock during those, like, it was not something that was, you know, major, but an electrical shock that was very uncomfortable and they all, not all, but the majority prefer the electric shock.

Rita Black: Oh my gosh.

Maria Brito: Which tells you that people can't even be with themselves anymore or alone in, in, in a position. And, and in a let's let's say, mindfulness. So mindfulness is one of the greatest opportunities that people have to be creative because it allows you to be with yourself. It allows you to be in the present moment and it allows you to pay attention to what's happening now. Right. Not in the future, not yesterday, but now.

Rita Black: Yeah.

Maria Brito: But, and by the same to token, silence, meditation are also very important components of people with great ideas. Steve Jobs was a huge proponent of Zen Meditation, which he do, he did daily. And, and so was his, you know, co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, both of them were huge meditators. Well, Wozniak is still alive and he still does it. But, it, it was very, very well known that Steve Jobs had gotten into the practice of different variety of meditation. And that he said to his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that when the mind quiets, you don't hear the noise anymore, but you start seeing possibilities. And so this is so, so important. And, I know that, you know, many people already are in the practice of meditation and, and the whole mindfulness industries, like $2 billion. And people invent all this grottos with infrareds and incense and you don't need that. Right? I mean, like, honestly, I, I tell people in my book that start with five minutes of silence, you don't have to be in levitating position. You don't have to be, you don't have to be in lotus. You don't have to do anything other than cause it's important for people to understand that this is so basic.

Rita Black: Yeah.

Maria Brito: That you don't, you don't need to have the position and you know, you don't need to be on a yoga mat, just please, you know, close your eyes and put a, you know, your iPhone alarm or whatever for five minutes and, and kind of increase it from there as, at your own pace. If it takes you a month to go two minutes, six, well so be it. I'm much rather, you know, see people who are doing it for five minutes every day for a month and then go into six minutes than people who just like try to increase it too fast and then they hate it and they don't do it anymore.

Rita Black: Yes. You know, it's so interesting because I talk about mindfulness and taking time to meditate in the morning to think our day through, because I think again, so many people wake up and the day just happens to them rather than creating their day. And with regards to health, with regards to their weight loss goals, with regards to how they're gonna run their life. And, and you know, I also take time on Sunday morning to create my week and think about that. And that's very much a part of what I say to people. I think, we were talking earlier and I was saying, Jeff Bezos also, I know you mentioned Steve Jobs, but would take a day a week when he was running Amazon just to think, just to clear his schedule and innovate. So, basically what you're saying is in five minutes that morning meditation can get their creative juices flowing for the day.

Maria Brito: Absolutely. Especially because if you think about it five minutes, every day, they start to accumulate. And this is something that the brain responds very well to. When you have been given this moments of bees in calm, which are essential for coming up with ideas and solutions, no matter what you do or what area you wanna apply them to, whether it is coming up with a strategy for your diet or to your next million dollar idea, which for the most part, Rita, if I tell you the truth, a lot of people leave their million dollar ideas inside of their head.

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: Because they do not act on them thinking that they are outlandish or nonsense. And the truth is the most outlandish ideas are the ones that have changed the world.

Rita Black: You're right. You're right. The ones that everybody said this person was crazy, were the, were the ideas that changed the world. Absolutely. So how about another little tidbit of how we can be more creative in our day-to-day life?

Maria Brito: It's very important for people to know that the era of the hyper specialist, although, is a wonderful thing to be is kind of over because I mean, unless look, you are a doctor finding the next cure to cancer, which of course, and, and even so, scientists have to look outside of, you know, the fields that they are researching or where they are experts because usually the most creative ideas do not come from business as usual. Usually the most creative ideas do not come from hyper specialization. They come from intersection. They come from something that has been done in one area and is translated to another, right. It's something that has been tested. For example, you know, when the field of the, the, the, all, all that has to do with, for example, Apple watches and trackers of fitness and steps and calories, and time and sleeping and whatever was a whole intersection of medicine, technology fitness, and the pioneer of that was Polar in, you know, the seventies, which it seems crazy that it happened so long ago. It's an example that I actually quote on my book is how this kind of like cross pollination of fields is what makes the most incredible and interesting and lucrative, you know, products or services, or moments is not just one thing.

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: Nothing really too narrow or too pure can give us a lot of creative breakthroughs.

Rita Black: Right. And I think building on building on your, an idea, then, then sparks another idea. I'm just thinking about weight management and how like you come up against an obstacle and a lot of people give up rather than kind of sitting with it and creating their next step forward. And I think innovation happens like that too. Right?

Maria Brito: Definitely. And if you think about it, right, like if you have been doing the same thing over and over in weight management, and it's not working out, you've gotta start looking somewhere else. Right. And, we've talked about this, how the supposed tried and true methods are being debunked every day or discarded every day, because that, first of all may have not ever been optimal. And second, you know, as humans and, you know, this incredible saying that Albert Einstein used to paraphrase, you know, insanity is the definition of doing the same thing and expect different results. You know

Rita Black: That's what diets are over and over again.

Maria Brito: Yes. I mean, I, I hate the word diet and it, it's more, you know, lifestyle or

Rita Black: Great

Maria Brito: Self love, you know, the, the, the concept of self love and self respect and how we treat our bodies and how we treat our mind. But the, the thing is, it all starts in the mind that that's the truth. And I

Rita Black: Absolutely,

Maria Brito: I think also Rita, when people find creative fulfillment in what they do, it positions them very differently in their lives and the way that they see things and the way that they see themselves in relationship to their lives is very different than when people are miserable. They are in a job that they hate or in a position where they can't really flourish. And the, the, I mean, look, it's, it's just the way it is. Right. I mean, like our bodies are a reflection of how we feel inside. Yeah. And it all starts inside. So I, you know, I encourage everybody to really find those passions and not everything has to be fun and games. Right. I mean, there are drudgery in every business, in every job in every job. But if the majority of the time you are filled and you think that you're doing something amazing and you are utilizing your ideas for the betterment of society, then you know, you feel very happy with where you are in your life. So, and, and that reflects obviously in the way you treat your body.

Rita Black: Exactly. Well, now I, so staying on this creative theme, I wanna hear because you created a course, a creativity program. So tell me how you create a course on creativity and what, how do people, like, what do, what are the kind of results that people get? Do they become more creative? Like, tell us more about that.

Maria Brito: Yeah. This was something that the, my clients and in the art, you know, advisory business of my business, they used to call me, once they got to know me and what I was doing and say, look, is it okay if I can hire you to come to my company where I'm the CEO, whatever. Right. And spend and talk to my employees and give them a workshop on what you have been able to do with your life transition from being a corporate attorney, to an advisor and CEO and business owner, and grow your business and your brand. And also because they, my clients told me, you have had so much to learn, and you have been in touch with so many artists in your life that we would love to hear from you, what they think, how they see things, because again, being creative is being able to operate from a lot of different angles too. So if you just see life from one and one angle, you're super rigid inflexible and not creative at all. Right. But the CEOs, despite the fact that they were not in the world of art, but banking and, you know, engineering and tech and, you know, fashion, whatever. I mean, they still wanted me to talk about this thing.

Maria Brito: So I designed a workshop that started as a two-hour thing, and then it became a four-hour thing, a whole day whatnot for this executives. And they loved it because it took them really far out of their zone of what they do normally. And it allowed them to see things from a completely different point of view that they won't normally do. Right? And so I started thinking that since I had gotten so many of this request, if I could turn that program in a, into an online program and to offer it to people for a fraction of the cost, obviously of what companies can pay me.

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: And, and so I tweaked the curriculum a little bit because it's a very different thing when you are in a company and you're in front of people and you're moving around that if you are on a screen. And so I tweak that. And basically what I am aiming to do with this program is to show people that that are basic habits and attitudes that they can develop in their lives everyday. What most people lack honestly, is a foundation on this habits because, you know, there are a hundred and, and a thousand programs and courses online that says, well, this is how you do marketing. This is how you do social media. This is how you use captions. This is hashtags. You know what I mean? But like the foundational part, how do you actually know what you need? How do you actually develop the right idea and formulate the right question to know what's gonna be your next step in your business? Where are you gonna find? Because once you have the idea walking backwards from there, it's easier than actually doing it or the other way around, like, Oh, now I have the marketing piece, but I don't know what to do with my life. Right. Like, oh, I am, you know, the genius of SEO, but I have no clue what type of business I'm going to open online. So that leaves you at a worse position. Right?

Maria Brito: And so what this course does is it gives you all the basics. When I say basics, I don't wanna diminish it because this is really work that took me years to put together. But I, it actually helps people in a very straightforward way to understand how all the skills and the amalgamation of those skills form the basis of creativity. Right? And so we have been through the most intense years of our, you know, lifetime not only is the pandemic, but we are in the fourth industrial revolution right now. And a lot of people much unfortunately have been substituted by machines.

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: And the field of artificial intelligence is the fastest growing field that there is out there. And the sad part of this is that people have spent their lives becoming the hyper specialist in companies, and they get a little old and then the company's like, I don't need you anymore. And what happens is that this person was never able to reinvent themselves to be creative and to kind of like figure out what is it about themselves that they can bring to the job, but also kind of like, how do you keep reinventing so that you're not labeled as the hyper specialist who can only do that thing. And so,

Rita Black: And also, and also how can you relabel yourself to yourself if you feel like you're in a rut in your own?

Maria Brito: Absolutely. And this is one of the most fascinating things that I have seen when people come and they say, oh, I'm 50. Oh, I'm 60. And, uh, you know, it's too late for me. I said, no, it never is too late because you are never gonna be as young as today, you know?

Rita Black: Yeah.

Maria Brito: Like shocking, it's breaking news. Hello. Tomorrow when you wake up, you're gonna be older. So, it's, it's fascinating though, because it's a, it is a thing that has to do a lot with identity and identity also has to do a lot of how you see your body and how you treat your body. Right. And the labels that we put on ourselves regarding identity are only because we want them. Right. Because the, the point the truth is, and you know this Rita, that most people are preoccupied with themselves and not with the labels that you use, you know what I mean?

Rita Black: Exactly.

Maria Brito: Or the, or like, if you wanna be a rockstar tomorrow. Well, so be it, I mean, look, yes, people may say you're going through a midlife crisis, but you know, if it makes you happy, go for it. Right.

Rita Black: Yeah.

Maria Brito: That's an extreme example, but it's just to make a point, and I think that to me, this whole program and how, you know, my, my, my participants range from small business owners to employees in law firms, so attorneys, artists, people who are freelancers, and they have really grown healthy businesses freelancing, but they are ready to actually open a company. And have like, you know, run a business. And so I don't teach how to run a business. I don't, as I said before, these are foundational skills for people to come up with ideas. I've had, I have, I have one client who, not client, or a student who, she lived in Atlanta and for many years she had two businesses. One was, she was a part of an organization that trained real estate brokers to keep their licenses alive. And that was one of her businesses. And then she had a different business that had to do a lot with spirituality. And I mean, it is cleansing oils, whatever. It sounds very woo. And I mean, none of them really made her fully happy. And after doing this program with me, she, she dug very deeply into like, what are the things that she wanted to do? And one of the things she wanted to do was to live abroad. So, she and her boyfriend, decided that they were want to move to Portugal because it's a place that they love. And they had visited in the past and the immigration was relatively easier than going anywhere else in Europe. And also they thought it was, you know, not as insanely expensive as, as other places. So with the ideas that she got in my book, sorry, in my, in my course, she opened this company where she relocate, she helps relocates foreigners from all over the world to Portugal. And then once they are there, she hooks them up with everything they need, the apartment.

Rita Black: Oh, wow.

Maria Brito: Yeah. And it's really going insanely well, and it's all because, and you know, now she developed all the social media and, you know, but it's, it's all happening because she allowed herself to look at the things she lost to find the joy and purpose and doing something that nobody else was doing. And that was, that happened at the very beginning of the pandemic. So the timing was right, because a lot of people also, you know, they decided that it was the right time for them to move. Right.

Rita Black: Right. Yeah.

Maria Brito: So that's, that's just one out of hundreds who have taken this course.

Rita Black: So the course is on online and it's, and it's that you access it, it's an online portal and it's modules that you go through, but, and, and you also have Q and A sessions in their

Maria Brito: Q and A session is once a month on Zoom.

Rita Black: Okay. And you do that live.

Maria Brito: Live. Yeah. So I gather, you know, the group of people and people come with questions, problems, or solutions. Right. Because I think that when you have a dynamic like that, you learn from everybody's failures, wins. You know, how they, and it's also so collaborative because somebody may say, I don't know how to do this. And then somebody else says, well, this right. But I also am there to guide them. So the, the is obviously self-paced, and it is all the modules build upon each other, you know?

Rita Black: Right.

Maria Brito: So it's, it's very easy. It's, it's really.

Rita Black: Sounds amazing. And the reason why I'm having Maria dig into this, you guys, and explain this to you is because this sounds great. I'm gonna be taking this course. Is that this, if you are listening to this, Maria also has a book coming out and if you're listening to this past March 15th 2022, then the book is already out. But, between you have the opportunity right now, today, if you are listening to this between March 9th and March 15th 2022 to get, Maria is offering us a bonus as part of her book launch. So if you buy her book, How Creativity Rules the World, then you get to enroll in this course absolutely free. So, and Maria will be doing so tell us a little bit about this and tell us a little bit about your book, Maria.

Maria Brito: Yes. So the book, as you said, is called How Creativity Rules the World. And right now, if you're listening between the 9th of March and the 15th of March, is on preorder phase, even though the 15th is the date launches, and I'm gonna keep the offer for your people until midnight off the 15th.

Rita Black: Okay. So you hear that you gotta get it by the, the midnight on the 15th.

Maria Brito: And, yeah. So what people need to do is to preorder the book or get it the day, the 15th and in anywhere, right? Like Amazon, Bars & Noble bookshop, IndieBound, independent bookstores. If you happen to still go to them, which I encourage people. And then they just have to email that confirmation to [email protected]. That's [email protected]. And you'll be in and, just

Rita Black: FYI, I'm sorry to interrupt you, Maria. But if you're thinking, oh my God, I've gotta write this all down. No, you don't. It's in the show notes. So there will be a link to Amazon, sorry. I'm linking you to the, the evil empire and then the, cause it's the easiest thing

Maria Brito: It's convenient. It's very convenient.

Rita Black: It's convenient. Then you will and I'm gonna put Maria's email address that you then show proof of purchase.

Maria Brito: Yes and also, sorry to interrupt you Rita. I just wanna make sure it's only the hard cover. We're only giving this to people who buy the hard cover. Okay because we are giving is almost $650 free really, I mean like

Rita Black: It's an amazing course.

Maria Brito: It is an amazing course. It's an amazing deal. I've added, we, I mean recently added a whole audio program that it's, it's fantastic. And it's designed to rewire your neurons. And I know that people love this and I'm gonna tell them the truth. It takes 66 days at a very minimum to rewire your brain. If you ever heard 21. I don't know if you have said this Rita, I'm sorry.

Rita Black: I probably have Maria,

Maria Brito: No folks. I have studied this and I went after use of research until I found the study by Felipe Lali from the University of London. It's, it takes 66 days at the very bare minimum to rewire your brain. Of course, 21 days is great, but it doesn't

Rita Black: Just being a habit, but not really

Maria Brito: Not rewiring your brain. The 21 days is funny. It comes from a plastic surgeon who was measuring the reaction of his patients who've got a nose job. And at the 21st day, they felt very comfortable with the new nose when they looked at themselves in the mirror. So this is where the 21 days come. Yeah. So well, bottom line is the book by the time, I don't know because Amazon decides its own pricing is dynamic right now is $26. The day of the launch. It might be less than that. So you're buying that and you're getting access to almost $650 in bonuses, interviews with super exclusive, like, you know, people who have built really incredible businesses, out of their ideas. And, but I think also what's in this book is very applicable to people who are struggling with their habits, their weight, the way they see themselves, because it is a window of opportunity to start tackling problems from other angles. And I think that if, if that's valuable to you, this is going to help you out.

Rita Black: Yeah. I mean, I, the one, what a great, and if you knew the amazing artists and clients that Maria has, I mean, it's just mind boggling, but Maria's been, does she pour her soul into this? But to mention about what she's just talking about creativity and, and weight management. I know I talked about this a little earlier is that I see the most, the main reason people don't succeed at long term weight management isn't because of discipline. It isn't because of willpower. It's because they're inflexible in their thinking. And really what is required is really a, a create, a willingness to be creative and think outside the box, because your weight management journey, isn't gonna look like anybody else's. So to start to cultivate a confidence in your creativity is gonna open doors for you, because most of the answers to the weight struggle are in you. But, you know, and I, I always say that, you know, go find the key to that. And, and creativity is really at the basis of this. So I love that Maria is offering this amazing offer that it's like, it is so valuable. I'll be in it, I'll be going to those Zoom classes. So I, I hope you'll take up on it because I, I really think it's gonna be an amazing journey that we're all gonna embark on creativity.

Maria Brito: Thank you. Thank you Rita Just to remember guys, that the name of the book is How Creativity Rules the World, and it's published by Harper Collins. And Rita's gonna give you the link to Amazon

Rita Black: It'll be in the show notes as well, a link to your course and how, what in it. So you can have a look at it. Maria, thank you so much for coming on and sharing all of this with you and creativity. There's like one last little tidbit to give the folks listening today about, you know, that they can do it. Like even if they think that they're the least creative person in the world.

Maria Brito: You know, I, I, I think that we've given people the most important things that they can start doing right now, which is that, you know, the meditation silence, to pay attention to what's happening outside of their areas of expertise and fields. And that also includes to look at the margins. Usually the most valuable opportunities are happening in things that are not yet developed, right? Like one, what was once a very marginal movement on the streets of the Bronx became hip-hop right. And so, you know, video games were for freaks at some point, right? And my name was a thing that only computer programming people would be considered that why are they attached to a remote in front of a screen, right. And, solar panels, right. And, electrical cars. Those are right now things that we are still looking at with a lot of like, is this real? Well, I think, you can start looking at all the things that are happening in those margins and far away, whatever your kids are doing. Pay attention to that. When my kids started playing with Discord and TikTok, I was like, what is that? I wish I would've joined back then. You know what I mean?

Rita Black: Yeah.

Maria Brito: I wish I would've joined. And, and, but I didn't because I was just, I mean, I was busy, but I was paying attention to what they were doing. And I think that, I mean, I know that this sounds exhausting. The world is vast, but the good news is that creativity is everywhere. And it could be someone who wants to write a book, right. It could be someone who wants to write a song. It could be someone who wants to start a business, or it could be someone who wants to design a new strategy for their weight management and their lifestyle. This, the obligations of creativity are endless. And the good thing is that we all have it.

Rita Black: Yeah. That's amazing. Well, thank you, Maria, for joining us. I really appreciate your time and good luck with the launch of your book and everything. And I will look forward to seeing you in your course.

Maria Brito: Thank you Rita and thank you to everybody who has listened.

Rita Black: Thank you again, Maria. And please check out in the show notes. If you're listening to this before March 15th, 2022, the deadline for Maria's bonus offer, when you pre-order her book, I have seen the gales of the book and it is really amazing. Very, very cool. So check it out. I will be seeing you in her creativity course. So have an amazing week. And remember that the key and probably the only key to unlocking the door of the weight struggle is inside you. So keep listening and find it.

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