Many times, the challenges we have in our current life can be traced back to something from our past. Consciously, we’re trying to deal with the current challenge, not realizing that maybe we need to take care of the root issue.

Today’s episode on my Thin Thinking podcast, we are joined by Dr. Louise Swartswalter who for 20 years, has been helping transform lives individually and in groups using a unique, multi-dimensional approach using naturopathy, biofeedback, trauma release work, NLP, life coaching, and energy healing and work.  

All the work that she does helps people clear blocks so that they can get balanced, focused, release anxiety, get more energy, and make a bigger impact with their lives.

What are you waiting for, revitalize your brain and come on in to the Thin Thinking Podcast. 

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

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Rita Black: Many times the challenges we have in our current life can be traced back to something from our past. Consciously, we're trying to deal with the current challenge, not realizing that maybe we need to take care of the root issue. Today, the guest on my Thin Thinking podcast, Dr. Louise talks with me about the different energetic healing modalities she uses to help people clear blocks so that they can get balanced, focused, release anxiety, get more energy, and make a bigger impact with their lives. So please come on in to the Thin Thinking Podcast.

Speaker 2: Did you know that our struggle with weight doesn't start with the food on your plate or get fixed in the gym? 80% of our weight struggle is mental. That's right. The key to unlocking long-term weight release and management begins in your mind. Hi there, I'm Rita Black. I'm a clinical hypnotherapist weight loss expert, best-selling author, and the creator of the Shift Weight Mastery Process. And not only have I helped thousands of people over the past 20 years achieve long-term weight mastery, I am also a former weight struggler, carb addict and binge eater. And after two decades of failed diets and fad weight loss programs, I lost 40 pounds with the help of hypnosis. Not only did I release all that weight, I have kept it off for 25 years. Enter the Thin Thinking Podcast where you too will learn how to remove the mental roadblocks that keep you struggling. I'll give you the thin thinking tools, skills, and insights to help you develop the mindset you need, not only to achieve your ideal weight, but to stay there long-term and live your best life.

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Rita Black: So now let's just hop right in. I'd love to introduce you to this week's guest, Dr. Louise Swartswalter. Dr. Louise, for over 20 years, has been helping transform lives individually and in groups using a unique, multi-dimensional approach using naturopathy, biofeedback, trauma release work, NLP, life coaching, and energy work. Louise is the owner and founder of the Brain Soul Success Academy and the creator of the brain, BRAIN system, A five step transformational program serving clients worldwide. She teaches professionals, entrepreneurs, and coaches how to clear energetic blocks, remain balanced, focused, and retrain their mind to make a bigger impact using a combination of tools. Louise has helped people move from anxiety to calm in one session. Dr. Louise's unique multi-dimensional approach has helped 45,000 clients in the last 20 years reach success with their lives. Dr. Louise enjoys speaking, teaching globally and has shared with audiences on KOB TV, Good Day New Mexico, KOB radio, events and professional organizations both in person and online. Welcome, Dr. Louise.

Rita Black: Hello, Dr. Louise, and welcome to the Thin Thinking Podcast. We're really excited to have you here today.

Dr. Louise: I'm so excited to be with you. This is awesome.

Rita Black: It is awesome because I'm really fascinated by what you do. You work with the brain as do I, but you work in a different way and I would love to hear your, how did you originally get in to brain work? What brought you here?

Dr. Louise: Yeah. You know, what brought me here was, well, I lost my own brain power, but I actually started out as a special education teacher. So I was working to public schools, I worked in private schools and then I became a dyslexic therapist. So I was always interested in the brain and it was like physical therapy for the brain. So I met with those students and it was a very specific program that was multisensory. So we were using what you see with what you say, with what you hear, with what you write, with what you feel to begin to change the brain. And I had already been in public schools for a number of years before I even learned that program. And what I watched was those kids jump, jumped like two grade levels in reading in six months.

Dr. Louise: And I was doing the testing and I was kind of blown away. And I was like, wow, I wish I would've known this before. Well, then I ended up getting sick after my second was born. I have two kids and probably hormones, no one figured it out. I literally crashed and then I had a dentist take on all my mercury fillings in one day and I literally, that was it. I couldn't be around electricity. I was on oxygen for three years.

Rita Black: No kidding. Wow.

Rita Black: I was down to 89 pounds. I was, so, I was really, I was near death and I had two small kids at home, so I just wanted to be their mom. So, you know, that was a big enough why, to seek, to look for answers. Right? And you know what, Rita? The medical doctors didn't help me, you know, no one, they gave me labels, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, you know, they gave me all the labels and so I was really on my own. And so I ended up with everything from acupuncture to naturopathy to chiropractic. I mean, I just did it all. And I was on this journey of really healing my brain. My phone number was written in my wallet at the time. On a sticky note, this is way before cell phones. So, I'm in my thirties and I don't have a memory, like something's wrong.

Rita Black: Oh my God, that's so scary.

Dr. Louise: You know, I just had to figure it out. And so of course, just like everyone, you start with the body. So I started, you know, changing my diet and found someone to help me with supplements and giving me the right supplements. And that was all new to me then. You know, I was probably eating, not quite, cause I always ate healthy, but the sad American diet, if you will. Right. And all of your people here who are working on weight loss, they're learning about good food, bad food, you know, healthy food without chemicals, you know, natural. And so I had to start learning all that and I did that and I was a little bit better, but I still wasn't all the way I wanted to be. And so I kept seeking, you know, and then it was writing the Grateful Journal and then I moved my family from Chicago to Taos, New Mexico to get away from chemicals because the pesticides and the herbicides used in my town would put me on that oxygen tank.

Rita Black: Oh wow.

Dr. Louise: So I got so sick that I became an activist. And some of your people here will probably know Dr. Mercola, who does a lot of writing about natural health. He had a clinic in my town and so I went to him as a patient and all of his patients signed a petition. So I got a petition together with the mayor to sue the state of Illinois because they wanted to spray mosquito abatement. So it's a pesticide over the entire Illinois. Like all over Illinois. Like take it out of local control hands.

Rita Black: Oh my goodness.

Dr. Louise: He was an environmental mayor and so we worked together and we got our petition signed and we won that lawsuit.

Rita Black: Good for you.

Dr. Louise: I know! That was the beginning of me speaking. I was a shy little special ED teacher, you know?

Rita Black: You were in your little silo and just treating your people

Dr. Louise: I didn't think that was gonna happen to me. And then, you know, we had like 14 articles in the paper, so I did a lot of work back then. And then I just got really tired of not being able to breathe and have, you know, not have clean air around me. And that's why I ended up moving to the mountains of Taos New Mexico to raise my kids. I wanted them to be in clean air too. And so we did, we ate organic food, we did all of our good stuff. But really I was on this journey cause I kept feeling like, and I'm sure people can relate to this, I didn't feel like me. like I had lost a part of myself. Like something was missing. And so that whole journey took me to realize that we really are, we have a brain, we have a body, we have a spirit, we have a soul.

Dr. Louise: And we're emotional beings too. It's all of it.

Rita Black: Yes. All of it together for sure.

Dr. Louise: All of it together, you know, and you can't separate us. It's kinda like, you know, you have to go over here to this kind of doctor and this kind of doctor and you can't separate us. We're whole people. And then this light bulb went off one day. I was, I was working with one of my students and I thought, gosh, you know, here this multi-sensory program is teaching them how to read, write, and spell. And they're getting it. They're severely dyslexic and they're getting it. We're changing their brain. I'm like, oh, well my brain's taking a long time to heal. Why? And then I thought, you know what, we're not doing in natural health. We're not combining everything. You go over here to your nutritionist, we go over here, right to your chiropractor. You go over here to your special, you know, your special doctor. You go over here to your spiritual teacher and then you try to put it all together. So I was like, oh, I'm gonna put it all together. And that's how my system came to be called the BRAIN system, which is a five step system that stands for the B is the body piece. You know, we got eat right, exercise, do all those good things. Then the R is releasing and there's about 10 processes there where we release the mental chatter, the emotions, and the trauma that got stuck. Right? And it gets stuck actually in the spaces of the brain between an Exxon and a dendri between the nerves.

Rita Black: Interesting.

Dr. Louise: And so here's, here's an example. So you have an Exxon and a Dendri and there are two nerve endings. And between those, that nerve ending is a synapse, it's a space, right? And the masters teaches we heal in the spaces. Well the serotonin, the neurotransmitter has to leap that space to make the connection and when it can't leap that space and we're not a hundred percent our sole truth and we're feeling depressed, we're given a serotonin uptaker, given Prozac or a generic kind of drug. All that means is that there's trauma and emotions stuck in that space. When we clear that out, we will feel happier, lighter, less stressed, more our truth.

Rita Black: Right.

Dr. Louise: So I figured out a way to clear those spaces.

Rita Black: Fantastic. That's amazing.

Dr. Louise: Cause I see trauma as stuck for everyone. We all went through covid

Rita Black: Right. Oh for sure. And that caused a lot of trauma for a lot of people. Or, triggered a lot of trauma. Re-triggered trauma. And definitely our Thin Thinking audience I see a lot of trauma in weight in people's, especially their childhood, some trauma. And then also I think you and I were talking about this too, is that when somebody, for some people, not everybody for sure, but for some people, when they release weight, they begin to either feel very vulnerable by that and unprotected. That barrier and if they've had trauma, it could be that then they go back to eating to feel safe again.

Dr. Louise: Yes. Yes. Because that's safety. That weight is a safety, it's like a cushion. Absolutely. I see. I do, I see that a lot. And so that yo-yo stuff that happens really is because we haven't cleared the initial core trauma that caused them to feel unsafe or invalidated. It's not always safety, sometimes it's just been, it's more like rejection, betrayal or invalidated. It can be any of those emotions. Or mini traumas. And we bury them you know? When I'm working with people, sometimes they'll tell me, well, I don't remember anything until about age eight. I was unconscious until age eight. I don't remember my childhood. That's a sign that there's some unsafety there that has to be uncovered and cleared out.

Rita Black: Interesting. Yeah. No, I believe that. Now can I ask you, cuz I would love for you to tell us the whole BRAIN, the five-step BRAIN system, but I wanted to ask, cuz you had mentioned you, you use biofeedback or you used to use or tell me about energy work for the brain, because I think our audience would be very fascinated by that both biofeedback and frequency medicine. Those two were, I know biofeedback, but I was not really educated on frequency medicine. I'd love to know a little bit more about both of those.

Dr. Louise: Yeah. So, you know, I've been doing, I've been doing biofeedback or neuro biofeedback or frequency medicine, whatever you wanna call it, for over 20 years now. And so, and on my own healing journey on that path of healing myself, I was introduced to this, this computer program that, you know, it had a strap that went around the forehead and one on each wrist and one on each ankle, and it read your electrical body and put you back in balance. And I was completely fascinated. It looked like it was some, from some like Russian scientist. And actually, the gentleman who put it together was pretty brilliant. But it was so cool. And I was like, wow, I have to have that. And I ended up getting that. And then now I had five others, and then I created my own where I put my brain work in it. So I call it beautiful balanced brain because I put all like the neurotransmitters, all the brain connections that I see, all of the parts of the brain. But the piece that's really the energetic work is actually an intuitive process that I teach people now where you can go in and clear those spaces out. Those an even ancestral trauma that got stuck in the spaces of the brain.

Rita Black: Wow.

Dr. Louise: And you rewire the brain with some energy work. So I use a combination of the brain system with that frequency medicine. Frequency medicine is just another name for an bioresonance, which is a type of biofeedback, but it's not the strict biofeedback that you would think of that you would get in a hospital setting.

Rita Black: Okay.

Dr. Louise: Okay. Biofeedback in a hospital setting is, you know, they put sensors on your finger and they're teaching you to sense cold and hot so you can learn to regulate your body almost like a meditation kind of thing.

Rita Black: Right

Dr. Louise: Right? But the type of biofeedback I use is more like bioresonance. It's sending energy, it's sending frequency. It's actually based on a gentleman years ago named Royal Rife. And he created something called the Rife Machine. And the Rife machine was a program that used frequency or sound frequency to kill pathogens like viruses that could cause cancer, bacterias, parasites. So he was in a sense using frequency to zap those things.

Rita Black: Got it. And did he use that throughout the body or just in the brain?

Dr. Louise: Well it kind of resonates throughout the body. So if you put headphones on and listen to frequency or music, you can change the brain.

Rita Black: Yes. Then, then it goes throughout the whole body. Right. Yeah.

Dr. Louise: And then it goes throughout the body.

Rita Black: So how long, when you do a session like this, I'm just curious, how long does that session last for? And how often do you have to do something like that?

Dr. Louise: Yeah. Well, the, the strictest bioresonance biofeedback, you know, if I was just having someone come and listen, it could be 40 minutes, you know, 40, 45 minutes. But I use that as, I don't use the sound frequency as much as I use the other pieces of the program. So the program that I have is more like a matching tool. It's gonna resonate with you and it's gonna look at what's going on in your body. So for example, my assistant was here, she wasn't feeling good this morning. And and I was like, you have a parasite, we need to figure it out. So we pulled her up on the machine and we could see, you know, I could see the parasites, I could see her affirmations, I could see that she needed you know, pumpkin seeds and garlic and some other stuff. And the actual frequency numbers to zap the parasite came up.

Rita Black: Oh, wow. That's amazing.

Dr. Louise: So I can see anything, you know, my joke, you know what my joke is, Rita, I've, and this will have to be on my (inaudible) someday. I've had more dates with people's minds, bodies and spirits than anyone on the planet. Because I, and I'm also highly intuitive. I'm a medical intuitive. So my process, the brain system goes into the energy field and clears and rewires the brain, and then I back it up with the frequency medicine. So I'm using a very multi-dimensional, multi-sensory system that gets you results.

Rita Black: Very layered.

Dr. Louise: Because I was so, it took me 16 years to heal. I was like, I'm gonna find a faster way. I'm gonna find a way.

Rita Black: Good for you. So I am, so let's go back. So you started, you said B for body. R for -

Rita Black: Releasing. So its releasing like mental chatter, releasing emotional baggage, releasing the ancestral program of fear. The ancestral program -

Rita Black: And that is passed on, right? That's the passed on ancestral fear. They're seeing as more and more clear that we passed trauma on genetically.

Dr. Louise: Yes, we do. You know, and so like, I will find out somebody's, you know, great-great grandparents were in the, were in the concentration camps, right? So that, that betrayal, that rejection, that trauma, that shock, that abuse, right? That's in the energy field. And if we don't clear it, someone's gonna do all this other amazing stuff and they're not gonna get all the way healthy or achieve their goals in life.

Rita Black: Right. So releasing B body, R releasing and a is

Dr. Louise: A, is aligned with spirit.

Rita Black: Oh, okay. So so that's the spiritual

Dr. Louise: Yeah. Spirit's always a part of healing. I kind of say, you know, this is non-denominational, it's whatever your God is your higher power or your connection. But spirit is always a part of healing.

Rita Black: Yes. I believe you. That's, that's, and then, and then, so b r a i -

Dr. Louise: Yes. So I is integrating.

Rita Black: Your, integrating all of that or?

Dr. Louise: Yeah. Integrating your frequency, your brain frequencies to your soul's true purpose.

Rita Black: Okay.

Dr. Louise: So I often see that people who don't have a purpose have a harder time getting well or achieving their success goals in business.

Rita Black: It's interesting. I just read, I feel like, well, in, not just, but in the last six months I read the Blue Zones, which is all about longevity. And one of the rules of the blue zones are the common denominators amongst all these centurions is waking up with having a purpose that you wake up every morning too.

Dr. Louise: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Rita Black: I mean, and the older I get, the more I'm convinced that that's why people live long lives is that you have something bigger than you that you are working for, or you are you are the sort of the you, you yolk yourself to that purpose, I guess is the easiest way for me to say it. I don't seem very articulate right now, but that, so that is part of the I

Dr. Louise: That's part of the I. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So it's integrating, so it's integrating that, figuring that out for the, for that person. And then N is the new program. And new program is often missed in health and healing, although you are doing it with hypnotherapy.

Rita Black: Right?

Dr. Louise: Right. So we have to rewire and reboot the brain. I do it with energy work and codes. So math is the universal language. And so my teacher taught me these codes, which are numbers in the field, in the energy field. So instead of like an acupuncture point on your, on your knee, let's say the outside of your knee is a kidney point. It's a spin point where I'm circling and I'm, I know it looks really weird when you first see it. I'm circling and saying a number.

Rita Black: Interesting.

Dr. Louise: So she took the Bible and she knew the Bible as a spiritual book and a physics book, and downloaded how all of these numbers and these codes. So I call 'em the codes for success. But honestly it was absolutely brilliant work because what my teacher, Dorothy understood, is that you also have an energetic field around your brain. So this is how I differ in the difference between this work and other brain work is I'm, I'm also including, besides giving you a supplement for your brain, like total recall, which I have and we can do, I'm also working in the energy field and rewiring the field of the brain. It's almost like you're putting in a new program in your computer.

Rita Black: Yeah.

Dr. Louise: But the computer of your brain. And so she taught us that we have rings around the brain, and those rings are kind of like, if you see a picture of an atom with the nucleus, those rings when they're wobbly, you'll feel wobbly. When they're off, you'll have brain fog or feel off. And so we have to put them back in line, but it's also within the energy field that all of those traumas got stuck that create those brain rings to be off. And so in terms of even losing weight or stopping smoking, we have to put those back in balance or to stick in the physical body.

Rita Black: Right. Interesting. Wow. That's, that's fascinating. And so, and this all happens within how, what kind of a timeframe are you working with somebody? Can it be a short or a long timeframe? Is it, does it vary person to person?

Dr. Louise: Yeah, we just, we just finished our bootcamp, so I think we had over 50 people on the, in my online event and I cleared a whole room of people, so you know, it could take, it could take, you know, an hour, it could take 40 minutes. You know, if we're just doing something -

Rita Black: That's fast, Louise.

Dr. Louise: Oh, I know. I wanted to make it faster for people, Rita. I was like, it took me 16 years, I got to be like -

Rita Black: 16 years or 40 minutes.

Dr. Louise: Hmm. I was, yes, I was like, it's not taken that I, that's, you know, that's, that's what I've always been seeking is a, is a faster, more complete -

Rita Black: Right

Dr. Louise: Way to shift old patterns to help people get healthy, help people get wealthy, achieve their goals in life.

Rita Black: I love that. So, and how often do you, I know you work with people individually, and then you do these group boot camps. How often do you do your boot camps?

Dr. Louise: You know, the boot camps once a year, and then I do a retreat once a year.

Rita Black: Oh wow. Okay. Yeah. Wonderful. Where is your retreat? Is it in Taos, New Mexico?

Dr. Louise: In No, it's in Carlsbad, California. But I have to go to the beach sometimes, so I have to have the, you know, I have to have my beach fixed, so so we go to the beach

Rita Black: Nice. I love it. Well, fantastic. That's close to me.

Dr. Louise: It is.

Rita Black: I wanted to ask you, I know you are generously offering a free, well, tell us about your free offering that, that everybody's gonna be able to find in the show notes in our of the session.

Dr. Louise: Yeah, you know, I would love to offer, I love meeting people, Rita. I just love getting to know new people.

Rita Black: That's such a great energy. Louise. I just have to Dr. Louise, I should say, but you do, and you're, you are very, I can just see how generous you are, but go ahead. Sorry.

Dr. Louise: Yeah, no, it's right. This is good. I, I, well, again, I love people, so I just wanna meet with you. It's a brain soul assessment, so it's an opportunity to look at, you know, what your biggest block is and if I can help you, or I know someone who can help you, and what can we really do to, to help you achieve your goals and intentions.

Rita Black: Fantastic. Yeah. Well, is is there anything, like, let's say if you, you know, somebody out there was really struggling and other than the first step being to connect with you, like, what would be their first step forward in like, their healing journey, would you say?

Dr. Louise: Good question. I would say is to become aware of the patterns that in you that are causing stress. So, you know, like if you have road rage, when you hold onto that anger on the, on the road, you're pulling, you're giving your power away. You're pulling, you're pulling yourself away from your truth. So it's becoming aware of your own environment and your own internal patterns of how you are reacting to things. So we have to calm the nervous system down, right? Balance what we call the vagus nerve and the longest nerve in the body. And so to balance the vagus nerve, people will do it different ways. Meditation is one way. Some people walk, some people journal, some people play golf. You know, there's different ways of doing that, but the awareness of the patterns is the first step.

Rita Black: Fantastic. That's great. Well, this has been so enlightening and I wanna thank you so much for your time. Thank you for coming on to the Thin Thinking podcast. We'll look forward to having you back again soon, Dr. Louise.

Dr. Louise: Oh, it was just my, it's my pleasure, Rita. Thank you for the good work that you're doing in the world. Next time I'll come back, I'll do a little demo on you.

Rita Black: Okay. Fantastic!

Dr. Louise: Yeah. Can we do that?

Rita Black: Yeah! Okay. Fantastic

Dr. Louise: Okay. Awesome!

Rita Black: Thank you so much, Dr. Louise for taking the time to be in the Thin Thinking podcast. That was so insightful. And if you would like to confer with Dr. Louise for free, or take advantage of her free download, Mind Gems, you can find the links for both in the show notes. So please head there now. And after this episode, if you keep listening, you can listen to actually a live demo of Dr. Louise. She did her five part BRAIN system with me very generously. And it was amazing. She touched on all the techniques. She was able to layer everything with me. We worked on my sleep. So after you hear me sign off, just keep listening and you can sit through her demo of the brain, the five part BRAIN system with me. I was really, it was so incredibly interesting and transformative.

Rita Black: So check it out and also head to the shownotes to sign up for my free masterclass on April 26th, 2023, How to Break Through the Weight Struggle Cycle so that You Can Lose Weight Consistently and Permanently. I would love for you to be there. The space is limited though, so please get there now because it's filling up. Have an amazing week. And remember that the key and probably the only key to unlocking the door of the weight struggle is inside you. So keep listening and find it.

Speaker 2: Do you wanna dive deeper into the mindset of long-term weight release? Head on over to www.shiftweight That's, where you'll find numerous tools and resources to help you unlock your mind for permanent weight release tips, strategies, and more. And be sure to check the show notes to learn more about my book From Fat to Thin Thinking. Unlock your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss.

Rita Black: All right, so now for the second part of our wonderful podcast, I have Dr. Louise here and she is going to work on me. She is gonna demonstrate her, will you tell us what you're going to be doing with me, Dr. Louise, and I'm just gonna just be -

Dr. Louise: Thank you Rita. I appreciate you opening, opening your, you know, yourself up here to your, to your group here, to your tribe. You know, what I was thinking is to demonstrate a BRAIN system session, in other words, a mini one, kind of just to give people a flavor of of clearing the energy. You know, when we talk about clearing the energy in the spaces of the brain, I like to be, I like to dive in and figure that out and just help you achieve your goals. So I usually start with goal setting. Okay. And so, and I, are you familiar with NLP?

Rita Black: Yes, I am. I actually use NLP in my work too.

Dr. Louise: I thought you did. Yeah. And so these are like NLP questions, but really the first question, and, and you can think about yourself or your audience here. If I said, Hey what do you wanna have changed or be different, Rita? What would you say?

Rita Black: You mean in my current life? Like just an outcome or?

Dr. Louise: Yeah, an outcome. Like an actual positive thing that you wanna have happen that maybe you've been working on.

Rita Black: Okay. Well I think I would like to work on sleeping better. Is that something I could work on?

Dr. Louise: Absolutely. So give me a sentence about sleeping better. What would you like to say about that? The positive way of, of stating it?

Rita Black: I would like to sleep through the night of a good six to seven hours, cause I'm not doing that currently. Without having to supplement with melatonin or -

Dr. Louise: Okay. I'm gonna be doing this in my group coming up. I think I have to invite you now. Okay. Okay. So I sleep. Yeah. How exciting. I sleep through the night, six to seven hours without supplements like melatonin. So if you were sleeping through the night, six to seven hours, you know, how would that make you feel?

Rita Black: That would make me feel more rested? And less anxious about waking up in the middle of the night, which I do sometimes. That would give me more dream time cause I like dreaming and connecting with the subconscious that way. I would feel I have a lot of energy, so it wouldn't be so much about lack of energy. I have a pretty good energy level, but sometimes I don't feel ready to jump out of bed in the morning. I do, I do do a lot of morning inner work in bed, so I wouldn't, so I would just wake up and feel rested and ready to do my morning mind work actually. So -

Dr. Louise: Okay. Okay. Awesome. I wake up rested, ready to do, and I'm writing these down here ready to do my morning mind work. And so if you wake up rested, ready to do your morning mind work and you have more dream time and you can connect with the subconscious and you feel rested and less anxious and you're sleeping through the night six to seven hours without supplements like melatonin, what else would change or be different in your life because of those things all happening for you?

Rita Black: I think I will feel more aligned holistically with my life like that because I, right now I feel like my days are very full and very engaged and I have that anticipation about the night. Is it gonna go well, is it not? So I feel like if my sleep was just easy, natural and it happened that I would just feel like completely aligned with my life. Like my sleep supported my life, my life supported my sleep.

Dr. Louise: Okay.

Rita Black: And I want and my husband's snoring wouldn't wake me up.

Dr. Louise: We can work on that. He'll be a string. I'll show you what I mean by that. Oh, my sleep. Okay. Is the, is that bottom line? Yes. Okay. So let's use that as the bottom line. What I mean by that is we walk the goal down, right?

Rita Black: Okay. Yes. I love this.

Dr. Louise: And so your bottom line is feeling more aligned holistically in your life if your sleep was better, you know, and you got to have that dream time and all that's happening. So I take that aligned holistically in your life, and I put that in a box and I put you sleeping six to seven hours a night, being able to have that dream time and wake up rested ready for your day. Okay. And so I put that in a box and then I'm gonna draw strengths. And this is an intuitive process. I'm using muscle testing and I'm just going into the energy field with your energy and figuring out who or was is taking you away from that goal, from that intention. So we could have anything in the box, your sleep, like we have, somebody's weight loss issues, you know, the no smoking or whatever you're working on with them. So 1, 2, 3, there's at least three strings. And so this first one, is this a male or a female? There's a female in your field. Is it you? This is you. Is this Rita at a certain time? Yes. Is this Rita when she was a kid? No. A teenager? Yes. So were you age 10 through 15 or 15 to 20? 15 to 2015? 16, 17. Were you 17? So this is you at age 17. So is this you yourself with someone else? Someone else. Was this family member, was this a friend? So this is you and a friend at age 17. Do you remember anything at 17?

Rita Black: 17. I was a senior in high school. I'm struggling with weight. I, there were a number of people in my life. I, I would say that I didn't have a best friend until I moved to college. And her name was Susan and I did, I do believe I met her when I was 17 just before I turned 18. I don't know if it was if you were looking for something negative or positive other than, you know, my mother, my mother was in my life. My, but she was not necessarily my friend. She was my mother. But I think you were looking for a friend. So I would say Susan probably was Susan the main one. Mm-Hmm.

Dr. Louise: So let's find out. So is this, if you're struggling with weight, you're age 17, you're a senior, is this gonna be your energy, Susan's energy, or both? Both. So this is, so I'm, what I'm gonna do is I'm actually looking at sheet sheets of words, so I have just long list of words.

Rita Black: Oh wow. Cool.

Dr. Louise: Okay. And so it's actually the power of the spoken order, the truth will set you free. Okay? And often I have people take before and after pictures because you are gonna change. So what will happen when we do this? It's gonna look like you had a facelift. Okay? It takes away, and you're so beautiful, Rita. I mean, you're just gorgeous. I mean, I mean, I know if you're hearing this podcast and you haven't seen a picture of Rita, you need to go look one up.

Rita Black: You're very generous. Thank you.

Dr. Louise: So we're just gonna clear, you know, clear the energy. So the words that I get are heartache and security and overwhelm. And so those could belong to Susan or to you. Is there another word? Vulnerability. So there's kinda vulnerability in the energy field here.

Rita Black: Definitely.

Dr. Louise: 1, 2, 3.

Rita Black: I moved to New York City. That's where I met Susan.

Dr. Louise: Oh, okay. For school. So you moved to New York for school?

Rita Black: Mm-Hmm.

Dr. Louise: Okay. And that's the other side of the world. That's the different coast. Yes.

Rita Black: I know. I'd never been to New York before. I just moved, so it was shocking.

Dr. Louise: I bet. So that off balance, the shock, the overwhelm, the insecurity. I got mistrust. Is there another word I need to say on this string? No. Is this a lie or a thief on you? It's a thief. What were you thinking? Yeah/

Rita Black: It, it was a, what what was the word you used?

Dr. Louise: So here's, here's what I'm doing. I'm clearing the brain and the soul. And so the, the process that I use is we look for the words or this, you know, around this situation that are in the energy field at that time. So those words and that energy, those emotions are still there. They're playing like a little song.

Rita Black: Right.

Dr. Louise: And so if mistrust is back there and overwhelm is back there. part of your sleep issues can go all the way back to age 17. When that little energy of mistrust or overwhelm or shock is playing a little song.

Rita Black: Right. Oh, I undertand.

Dr. Louise: And how we cleared at the brain's soul level is we say, was it a liar, thief, or fraud? And did it kill, steal or destroy? And when I first started this work, my teacher taught me this, I couldn't do it. Those words sounded too negative to me. But what she kept telling me is they cut this string, this cord, and they truly need to be, need to be set. And so I started playing with this technique and I cleared my family, I cleared myself, I cleared my, this, I was up till 2:00 AM I'm in the morning just playing with it. Then I taught it to a one woman who worked with me in my office. This is, you know, 20 years ago now. And she goes, you turned me into a monster. I've been up till two o'clock in the morning clearing my mother, my father, my dog.

Rita Black: I love it.

Dr. Louise: You know, so that's what's really possible. So it's a thief. And what did it do? It's steal your freedom, your creativity, your comfort to have. So it's like we're reclaiming your freedom, your creativity and your comfort to have and your trust. Is there another word? No. And I'm just gonna say another clearing statement. Good and bad. Right and wrong. Pot and pop, all nine shorts, boys ambiance. That's just a statement that clears energy. Okay. It's actually, and I didn't make that up. It's access consciousness, which is another type of energy work that clears energy.

Rita Black: Wow.

Dr. Louise: So then we just say, all right, what's this next dream? What, what's, what's pulling you away really from sleeping six or seven hours a night? Is this a male female or a situation? That's a situation. Is it recent? Yes. Is it old? No. So this is recent. So is it something that's in the last month? No, the last year. Yes. How many months ago? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This says five months ago, six months ago. Seven. Nope, it's six months ago. Is this six months ago? Something with Rita, six months ago. Something with you. Is this truth? Yes. Is it you alone? Is it you and someone else? This is your stuff. So six months ago, something. So let's see, where are we? Where March. Right. So let's back it up. March, February, January, December, November, October, maybe September. Something in September. I don't know if anything is popping in.

Rita Black: For me.

Dr. Louise: Yeah, I guess, yeah,

Rita Black: I mean September for sure. The, I was had a it was a very overwhelming time in my business because a lot of things were coming together. So I was waking up in the middle of the night at 3:00 AM thinking, processing. My brain was just on overdrive.

Dr. Louise: Okay.

Rita Black: I mean, I think that is what you're -

Dr. Louise: Cause I got self-sacrifice. Yeah. You were thinking a lot about what you were doing. Self-Sacrifice. Overwhelming of two minds. You know what I wanna find out? Was there an entity or an energy that came in at that time for Rita? Yes. Is that truth? Yes. Can I find it? Is it of two minds? Is it something else? It's something else. Here, here, here. So there was an energy that got attached to you and the energy was manipulative. Is that when the sleep stuff got worse?

Rita Black: Yeah, I mean definitely at that time I, like I said, it was a lot was going on at that time. I had in my business that, you know, I had added something in and then a lot of things were coming at me. And at that time I, you know, I had, I didn't have doubt, but I just had, I, things had grown. So I, I was like almost playing catch up.

Dr. Louise: Okay. Okay. So I got anxiety up two, mind self-sacrifice, perfectionism, shame. This is all just in the field. So, you know, it's just, and it could be yours, it could be your clients, it could be, you know, around your business, you know for sure that you overwhelm is there. And then manipulation. I have a feeling, is that truth? Yes. Is that truth? Yes. Did it come in from someone? Yes. From you? No, from someone else. Yes. So you might've had a client or somebody you worked with who, who had a manipulation kind of energy at that time. And it also affects that could be your sleep, you know, so this is all a layer of thief and a fraud on you. So we're gonna, we're gonna clear it a couple ways here. So what did it kill? What did it steal and what did it destroy? And well, it killed your sleep. So it's, it killed your sleep and instilled your freedom and your comfort to live in certainly the vision of what you thought would be your confidence. So we're reclaiming that too. Your adaptability.

Dr. Louise: You're here, here, here. 1, 2, 3. Your triumph. We're getting back your triumph and then that manipulation energy. Is that still in the field for Rita? It is. Is it in a brain part? It is. Where's my brain parts? I have a gazillion lists of things. So that manipulation energy is no longer allowed. It may not affect your sleep anymore. Okay. It must leave your brain, it must leave your energy field. It must leave you in all space, time and dimensions. Your body, mind, spirit, soul. That manipulation is no longer allowed anywhere near Rita. So get out now and go to the light in God's name. Jesus name your higher power's name. Go now and go to the light. Rakma! I hope I scared you.

Rita Black: It was cool.

Dr. Louise: Was that cool?

Rita Black: Yeah.

Rita Black: Oh my. Oh my gosh. Your whole face changed. Good job. Yay.

Rita Black: Oh, okay.

Dr. Louise: Tap your belly button eight times. There we go. Yay. Yay. All right, so now I'm curious. There's a scientist in me that has to test everything. So how important was that for Rita, for her sleep? Was it more than 50% important? 60, 70, 80, 90, a hundred hundred. 1, 2, 3. 103. It's a, that was 103% important. Yay.

Rita Black: Is that pretty important? That sounds pretty important.

Dr. Louise: It's pretty important. Yeah, it was pretty important. That's when, that's, that's when sleep got even like a little, you know, like really kind of kicked you in the butt, you know? All right, so there's one more string. Is this a male or a female? There's a female in your field. Is this you? No. Someone else? Yes. Family. No. Client maybe. Do we need to know the name? No. As you know, as people working with people, we get people in our field. All the time, you know? And we don't even know it. Sometimes we have to clear it. I had three people in my field this morning that I didn't think I had. When I wake up, I do this, I'm like, I'm not a hundred percent me. Who the heck is in my field today? You know? And I had to, I had to do what I'm doing on you right now,

Rita Black: And you can do that on yourself?

Dr. Louise: I do this on myself. That's how I stay -

Rita Black: That's fantastic.

Dr. Louise: Yeah. So emotional withholding and negativity. And this is just from some client.

Rita Black: And you said it was a male client?

Dr. Louise: No, it's a female.

Rita Black: Oh okay.

Dr. Louise: Do you have you have more females than male probably?

Rita Black: I do.

Dr. Louise: Yeah. Trapped. Trapped. So you know, if they're feeling trapped or they're negative or they have emotional withholding. All that means is that energy then can stick to you. And it's not your stuff. And so this is just a way to sort of clear it off of you, to bring you back into alignment to be a hundred percent your soul's truth, to really have that, you know, align holistically with your life kind of energy. They also had no sense of humor.

Dr. Louise: Can we make that a rule that we get all clients who have senses of humors? No. I'm just kidding. Is there another, is there another word? Let's see. Unprotected. Is there another word I need to name about this? This female. Yes. A through m, m, z, m, n, o, o. Oppressed. Oppressed. So that's, that's a thief. And and it steals your freedom, imagination, relief, and ease. So we're getting back freedom, imagination, relief and ease. Ease of flow and ease and safety. So I'm just gonna say good and bad. Right and wrong. Pardon? Pop. All nine shorts. Boise ambiance. So we'll just don't tap the bottom of your foot. So just take an open hand and hit the bottom of your foot.

Rita Black: Can I have a shoe on it or does it need to be bare?

Dr. Louise: You can have a shoe on its fine.

Rita Black: Okay. Awesome.

Dr. Louise: Good. Good job. Good job. Do we get that? Absolutely. Is there another string? Anything else we need to do firstly? Male, female situation. Another little situation. Is it just the situation itself of not sleeping? Let's do the situation itself of, of waking up. Okay. And not feeling rested. So 1, 2, 3, 3, 3 words here, here. 1, 2, 3. Intrusive, ruthless, powerless. So intrusive, ruthless, and powerless. Is that an entity? No. So that's a thief on you. So it's stealing your freedom, comfort to have intuition, validation. So good and bad, right and wrong. Pot pop. All nine Shorts boys ambiance. And we're just gonna tap the bottom of your foot.

Rita Black: Okay.

Dr. Louise: Yay. Awesome. Did we successfully clear that? I think so. Cool. You feel a little bit lighter?

Rita Black: I do, I do. I feel that was really cool. That was felt really cool.

Dr. Louise: Yeah. And so that's the releasing part. So what I'd like to do is do the new program piece. So what I find is, is like we have to take out the trash and then put the new program in, you know? Okay. And this will just take a minute. I'm just gonna have you say these. So say I sleep through the night, six to seven hours/

Rita Black: I sleep through the night six to seven hours

Dr. Louise: Without supplements.

Rita Black: Without supplements,

Dr. Louise: I feel rested and less anxious.

Rita Black: I feel rested and less anxious.

Dr. Louise: I have more dream time.

Rita Black: I have more dream time

Dr. Louise: And connect with my subconscious

Rita Black: And connect with my subconscious.

Dr. Louise: I wake up rested,

Rita Black: I wake up rested,

Dr. Louise: Ready to do my morning mind work,

Rita Black: Ready to do my morning mind work.

Dr. Louise: I feel more aligned holistically with my life.

Rita Black: I feel more aligned holistically with my life.

Dr. Louise: Good job. And so what I'm gonna do now are these codes. And so it's, it, it, it's just circles in the energy field. Ok. And you can think of 'em as as spin points. So instead of acupuncture points, they're not on the body, but they're in the energy field. Okay? And they're clearing and rebooting those brain rings around your field. So they're rebooting your brain. It's like putting a new program in your computer.

Rita Black: Okay, cool.

Dr. Louise: So I'm just gonna say these numbers. So all you're gonna hear is numbers. Right now I'm going down your left flag and I'm saying two, three, love. Five, three, forgiveness. Six, five choice. Nine, two, freedom, four, two, greater love. Then we're gonna go down your front. Four, two. I'll have you say this. Say I have positive self-worth,

Rita Black: I have positive self-worth.

Dr. Louise: Good. Two, two. Say I choose to succeed.

Rita Black: I choose to succeed.

Dr. Louise: Good. Four. Four. Say I choose to live in joy.

Rita Black: I choose to live in joy.

Dr. Louise: And six two, I choose to live by the higher laws.

Rita Black: I choose to live by the higher laws.

Dr. Louise: Okay. And then I'm gonna do some extra ones. 1 47 and I'm gonna have you look at my X or five. So those two codes balance the brain from front to back and left to right. They're the rings around the ring. Hmm? Nine, six is the consciousness ring. Nine six over the top of the head is the cranial ring. Eight six over your left ear is the hearing ring six eight on your left knee is the seeing ring three to 9 26 complete cycles. 5,859 times is the ring to all the rings. And we're gonna balance the emotions rubbing two to 8 23 complete cycles, 2,623 times. And we're gonna release any trauma 10, 5, 7, 8, 2, 8, 7, 7, 5. And the shock 1, 2, 3, placing with peace. Five, two. And we're gonna balance the mental body five to 11, 37 complete cycles. 87,000 3 57 times. And I'm gonna balance all the chakras. 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 7. Awesome. Yay. I know it's just -

Rita Black: Wow.

Dr. Louise: You could feel that right Rita?

Rita Black: Yes. Yeah, that was totally amazing.

Dr. Louise: Isn't it amazing?

Rita Black: That was fantastic.

Dr. Louise: So we're putting,

Rita Black: That's so interesting to watch you do that too. That's so fascinating.

Dr. Louise: I know. And you know, I used, you use your right hand to circle when we're circling, so it's a circling when you say the codes. So I remember getting like my body mass index done by a doctor once. I was like, why is your right arm so strong in your left arm? I'm circling my right arm all the time.

Rita Black: You're you're, you're what is that cut? You've got a really cut right arm.

Dr. Louise: It's really funny. Yeah, it's really funny. We're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna lock it in now. So I'm just gonna have you say that bottom one. So say I feel more aligned holistically with my life.

Rita Black: I feel more, well I feel more aligned holistically with my life.

Dr. Louise: And I'm sleeping through the night, six to seven hours.

Rita Black: I'm sleeping through the night, six to seven hours

Dr. Louise: Without supplements.

Rita Black: Without supplements.

Dr. Louise: Good. Okay. And so now we're gonna lock all those in. And so the way we lock them in is we just clasp our hands together and put them above your head. And if I was there with you, I would try to pull down on your arms and you would just stay strong. Okay? So this is called like a lock, okay? Do we need to do the short lock or the full lock? The full lock. Then we're gonna take your right hand and you're gonna tap under your left armpit nine times. So you're kind of going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Okay? And then we're gonna make, give you a halo in a sense. So we're gonna spin circles around the top of your head 16 times. So we're gonna go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. And then we're gonna tap eight times and that locks in those intentions, those goals. So you can sleep six or seven hours tonight.

Rita Black: I cannot wait. Oh wow. So is that it? Am I complete?

Dr. Louise: You are complete. And I really wish I, I would've, I mean I, you can see it on the tape, but I wish I would've taken had you taken a before and after picture cuz you do look different.

Rita Black: Oh, well thank you. I feel different. Yeah, I I can't thank you enough. That was really fascinating and really transformative.

Dr. Louise: Yeah. Awesome. You're so welcome.

Rita Black: Thank You. Thank you for your generosity.

Dr. Louise: Lemme know how you sleep.

Rita Black: I will, I will definitely, I will definitely check in back with you.

Rita Black: So thank you again Dr. Louise, for this additional treat that I had forgotten that we were gonna do and we did and I really am excited now. Thank you very much.

Dr. Louise: You're welcome.

Rita Black: And and thank you again. We will definitely have you, have you back on the Thin Thinking podcast. Thank you once again. And you guys go grab go to the show notes and definitely make an appointment. You wanna have this done with Dr. Louise.