What are your big bold dreams and goals for 2023?

Have you got them yet or do they need a bit of a nudge?

Have you ever made a vision board–it’s a great way to not only create the goals but visually organize them and have them as inspiration all year long.

For the 93rd Episode of Thin Thinking, join me as we dive deep with Melanie Moore, UK’s leading vision board expert and award winning coach as she shares her expertise on how we can make a vision board, turn this vision into reality, and how we can live the life that we want to live.

If you are ready for a transformation and achieve your dream life, then come on in!

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

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Rita Black: As this year begins to come to a close, I have a great episode for you. I wanted to bring on this episode's guest, Melanie Moore, who is an expert in creating vision boards. Now, you may think you knew everything about making these collages of your desires, but Melanie takes us a few steps deeper. So get your goals together for the new year, and come on in.

Rita Black: Did you know that our struggle with weight doesn't start with the food on your plate or get fixed in the gym? 80% of our weight struggle is mental. That's right. The key to unlocking long-term weight release and management begins in your mind. Hi there, I'm Rita Black. I'm a clinical hypnotherapist weight loss expert, best-selling author, and the creator of the Shift Weight Mastery Process. And not only have I helped thousands of people over the past 20 years achieve long-term weight mastery, I am also a former weight struggler, carb addict and binge eater. And after two decades of failed diets and fad weight loss programs, I lost 40 pounds with the help of hypnosis. Not only did I release all that weight, I have kept it off for 25 years. Enter the Thin Thinking Podcast where you too will learn how to remove the mental roadblocks that keep you struggling. I'll give you the thin thinking tools, skills, and insights to help you develop the mindset you need, not only to achieve your ideal weight, but to stay there long-term and live your best life. Sound good? Let's get started.

Rita Black: Hello, my lovelies. I hope you are having an amazing holiday season as we are heading into Holiday Ground Zero this week. I hope this episode finds you enjoying the best of the season and taking care of yourself, staying healthy in all ways, sickness free and overeating free, and really just taking care of yourself. I've been stalking out unhealthy treats and trying to meditate every morning and making sure I'm taking care of myself. If you need help, check out my most recent podcast regarding taking care of yourself over the holidays, please. I think you'll find them really helpful. Now, I have everyone at home, so I am in heaven.

Rita Black: I love this time of year because things slow down and all this stressful holiday stuff is kind of coming to a close. I've gotten all my shopping done online and offline. I've gotten all the Christmas cards written, we've got all the stuff done, and now we can just chill out and visit with our friends, our neighbors, and all the people in our life that matters. I don't -- we're not really going to see family this year but we're gonna do some zooms with our family. So, but we are gonna be hanging with friends. It's also that time of year where we begin to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next with our plan.

Rita Black: With the Shift Weight Mastery process, I basically plan everything ahead for the next 12 months. I know when the next shifts are happening. I know what my monthly group is up to. You know? When you own a business, you have to think ahead. That's the business part of it. But there's lots more to the year than just my business. Although my business is my life and my love but there's also what I consider, you know, my family goals, my fun goals, my house goals. And there's just that, you know, sprinkling of magic over the year as well. So that's where my guest Melanie Moore comes in.

Rita Black: She is my holiday treat for you all as she dives into her expertise of walking us through how to make a vision board. So, Melanie Moore is the UK's leading vision board expert and award-winning coach. She inspires her clients to top into their big vision and gives them the mindset tools to change the trajectory of their lives. She helps people at the crossroads in their life to get clear on their big vision, then commit to this vision by taking bold action towards their goals and creating their dream life. She's the host of the Weekly show, Tapping with Mel and the creator of Transformational Neural Technique, a unique process that clears the past, which then clears the path so that lasting transformation can happen. Melanie is on a mission to help millions of people dream bigger, think bigger, and act bigger. And I absolutely love Melanie, and I know you will, too.

Rita Black: Melanie Moore, please come on in to Thin Thinking. Well, welcome back to Thin Thinking Melanie! It's so great to have you back and at this time of year because you're the queen of Vision Boards. Welcome.

Melanie Moore: Thank you so much for having me, Rita. How are you?

Rita Black: Oh, I'm awesome. I I am excited. I'm excited about the new year, although I have to say, this last year went the quickest of all the years. What do you think? Was that this crazy for you?

Melanie Moore: I -- it feels like someone's had a finger on the fast forward button, and it's just like another week's gone by, another week's gone by and then this year's gone.

Rita Black: And do you know why that is? Because we both have children heading off to college and it's zany when they need you that much. But, you know, it does -- it feels like you want them, you wanna take advantage of this year because you know they're gonna be leaving home. But at the same time, there's so much involved in getting a child into college. I don't remember my parents paying that much attention. I think they were like --

Melanie Moore: I was just saying the same thing! I think I said to my mom and dad, mom, dad, I'm going here. They're like, okay.

Rita Black: Yeah. I mean, I think they cared, but they weren't, you know, the amount of energy and focus that it requires nowadays to be a parent of a college bound child is, it's zany. Anyway, so, but we are not here for our children. We are here for us, Melanie, right? This is our year. And it is the perfect time as we head into the holidays to be thinking about the upcoming year. So a lot of people, and I know myself, you know, like to plan out the year, and you are an expert in creating vision board and meditating and tapping all around vision. So I thought we would bring you on and have you kind of help us out. Those of my listeners who maybe have never done a vision board, maybe you can inspire them and those who think they are a vision board experts, maybe you can give them some insight that they might not have had before. Because it is kind of an overwhelming idea of putting something like that together, would you say?

Melanie Moore: Yeah. And it's interesting you're saying about, you know, our children going to college. I do feel that I particularly like to help women who are at crossroads in their life. And I do feel that when the children are flying the nest, this is a transitional period for us. It's suddenly a new chapter. It's like, oh, oh my gosh, you know, I've been doing, you know, being this parent for, you know, 18 years and what's the next chapter for me? And it's funny, I talk about these crossroads and awful locks. I think about the crossroads and these transitional periods I've been in my life as a woman, as a mom, as a business owner, and, you know, becoming a mother. That was a transitional period, leaving my corporate career, starting my own business. And also when my marriage ended as well, you know, facing life as a single parent, these were all big milestones for me that made me, I guess this.

Melanie Moore: Which is why I kind of really got into vision boards because I had to think about, you know, what's happening now in my life? What is this next chapter looking like for me? What do I wanna create? What do I want to -- what are the things I want to accomplish? Because I think unless we stop and make some time to plan out the next chapter, our life can just blend into one big kind of like, you know, imagine looking back, well, what did I do with my life? This is why we have to, you know, make this time.

Rita Black: I say to my clients all the time, you either live your life defensively, meaning reacting to life, or you live it creatively where you are the center and the at cause. And I agree with you 100% that creating visions engages your brain on a different level that just you know, hoping. I hope I have a good year, you know? Let's create a good year. I tell this to my children all the time. Oh, well, cool. So now, was there an initial vision board? Like how did you get into creating vision boards? I mean, it sounds like you've gone through a lot of transitions, but was there a one moment or one vision board that was something that was created the difference?

Melanie Moore: Yeah, well, I guess I start, when I started my business, when I left my corporate career, I trained as a holistic therapist to begin with. I was doing reiki reflexology, and then I transitioned to EFT tapping. And so I was doing that for a couple of years, and I built up a client base of, you know, one-to-one clients. And I was, at the time, I was always very interested in personal development, law of retraction, manifesting. And with my existing client base, I started doing these evening workshops. And on one of the workshops, I said, let's create these vision boards, you know. Let's create a vision board. I've just been reading about them in the Secret, let's create a vision board together. And I do remember that, you know, very first one I ever did, it was very you know, literally just, right, let's all get together, stacking magazines, big bits of cardboard, and we just cut out pretty pictures, stack them a piece of paper. But it was fun. And then I thought, okay, that was fun. Let's do some more of these. And they evolved and they grew. So I had two parts of the business, one part the holistic therapy, then more just focusing on tapping. And then the other part where I was just doing vision board workshops and these grew and they got bigger and then at some point, it must have been about six, seven years ago, I started, I blended the two together. I included tapping and the vision boards.

Rita Black: Oh wow, cool.

Melanie Moore: And then they became really big and and yeah, I did them in hotels and bigger venues, and eventually I was hired by kind of big corporate companies to do them for their sales teams. And then obviously, COVID struck, and actually before the pandemic, I started doing the vision board workshops online. And first I think, oh gosh, how's this going to work? Because they were always in-person affairs. But yeah, they just eventually grew and evolved and now, you know, they're all hosted on Zoom. And I couldn't think of a better way to do it because, you know, being in a Zoom room together, you're, it's like you're on Zoom and plus the process has become so refined where I'm literally on, you know, nearly a decade into doing vision board workshops that I renamed my company Tapping into Your Big Vision about five years ago.

Rita Black: Wow.

Melanie Moore: So that's saying my business, my company, my brand, and yeah, and that's evolved into this new process, which would, which we'll talk about in a minute. But was there one particular -- yeah, sorry. The original question, was there one particular vision board? I think it was around the time when I really wanted to kind of go bigger in my business, you know? To take my one-to-one therapy practice to an online business. That's when I started really thinking about the bigger vision. And it kind of coincided with me, you know, my marriage ending and being a single parent as well, that this was a really big crossroads for me. That well, right, that's it. What's this vision going to look like?

Rita Black: Hmm. Wow. That's so cool. So, and I know you mentioned like a Disneyland story. What's that?

Melanie Moore: Oh, well, I do love sharing stories of you know, the vision becoming a reality. So I've been doing, and you know, I think the vision board is a really fun thing to do with your kids, with your partner. And I think when you're all in the same page, doing a family vision together. So we are going back to, I think it's 2015 now. My daughter was eight years old at the time, and I was doing these vision board workshops, and she really wanted to go to Disneyland, no, sorry, Disney World. It is in Orlando, because a couple of her friends had just been, and it's kind of, it was a year the marriage ended. And to be honest, I couldn't really afford a trip to Disneyland. But as I'm the kind of a very a master of language, I will never dream of saying the words, we can't afford this. And I said to my daughter, I said, look honey, I dunno when we're gonna go, but I promise you one day we will go, but in the meantime, let's make a vision board. So we got together, you know, we got all these travel brochures and she cut out all the pictures and she made it double-sided. And she was very, she was so definite about what she wanted, where she wanted to go. She wanted to go to the Harry Potter experience. She wanted to swim with dolphins. So it wasn't just Disneyland, there was a whole load of things she wanted to do in Orlando. And I remember clearly, we made this in March 2015. And I guess this is where all my other practices come in as well. Because in my rational adult mind, I was gonna have to make the money in my business because my goal was to tell the children on Christmas day, we're going to Disneyland. That's your Christmas present. We're going to Disneyland.

Melanie Moore: And anyway, I can't remember, I think it was, yeah, about September, October time when, you know, the marriage kind of officially ended. And so it was kind of like the last thing on my mind, you know, booking a family trip to Disneyland. But it was still this goal, still this vision. And I still wanted to go. And I worked with a business coach and, you know, literally trying to make the money in my business. But then I was visualizing as well. I was, I realized now, you know, this is a process I've refined in terms of bringing the vision to life in your imagination. This is kind of what I was actively doing and I was teaching the kids as well. right? You know. Funny. I'm gonna tell another story kind of side by side. My son, his big vision at the time, he wanted to be a mascot for Tottenham Hotspur, which is a big football team here. So I've given these nightly kind of visualizations, I'd say. Right? So Ben would really imagine being a mascot for Tom Hotz. And Bonnie would imagine being, you know, in Disney World Orlando. And Henry got closer and closer to Christmas and I hadn't hit my income goals. I couldn't see how this was going to happen. So I literally just, I let it go. I, you know, when it happens, it happens. And on January the 4th, 2016, I got a telephone call from Disney head office in London and they said you've won an all expenses trip to Disney World, Orlando. And I thought, goodness, yes. And I'd literally won the flights, the passes, the accommodation, everything, the Disney World Orlando. And what I'd done a few months earlier, and I've remembered it clearly, I'd entered a contest in a shoe shop and literally filled up my name, dress prize, drawer, posted it in a box, didn't give it a second thought. And we won the first prize on that trip and we've got the news on the 4th of January.

Rita Black: Oh, your kids must have gone crazy. That is so -

Melanie Moore: I have gone crazy. But it was, and I still have the vision board here, actually. I know this is audio, so I've, I know you'll be able to see it, but I still have it here. It's very doggy now.

Rita Black: Oh, isn't that cute? Look, I'm looking at this with Harry Potter and the waterfalls with the thing going down. Oh my God! That is so cool.

Melanie Moore: Even put, I dunno if you can see here where was it? Here she put pancakes on her vision board. She said everyone in America eats pancakes for breakfast. So even down to her breakfast choices, put on her vision board.

Rita Black: Oh my gosh!

Melanie Moore: And it's, it just, there's so many things that I learned from that experience. And Jim, that that's just one of the things that we've kind of ticked off. The whole thing. But it's so much fun and that's why you've gotta get clear on what you want and kind of let go of how it's gonna happen as well.

Rita Black: That is true. That is absolutely true. So why would someone, like, if starting from scratch, Melanie, if some, why would somebody, you know, for the listeners out there who've never done a vision board, why would they do one? Like why, why do a vision board?

Melanie Moore: Well, it's to kind of give yourself the time to get clear on, you know, what's important to do and you know, and I like to talk about the four pillars of the big vision --

Rita Black: Oh, right. Okay. Four pillars. I'm writing these down. Okay. What are they? Give us the overview first and then you can go in into --

Melanie Moore: The four pillars are your vision for health. And I know you know all about health and --

Rita Black: Yes.

Melanie Moore: So health, good health is really important. Your vision for health abundance. What's your vision for abundance now? I've been teaching kind of money mindset for quite some time, you know, having to think about my own money mindset, my own money stories. So abundance. And under that pillar would also come your work, your success, how you make money, your income streams. Then we have environments, and this is your home. This is also where you travel to. It's kind of aspirations for future environments. Also the car you drive. So it's where you are planted.

Rita Black: I love that. Okay.

Melanie Moore: And then the last one is relationships. And of course, I know there are other things that are important to people, but I find that most things will fit under one of those pillars and yeah. And that's not just with your significant other, it's also relationships we have with our children, our parents, our friends, our colleagues. And it's about improving your existing relationships, kind of letting go of ones that you know, aren't really serving you anymore. But also some people, you know, yeah. They wanna manifest a soulmate or a partner, but some people just wanna manifest a whole new circle of friends as well, and a network and a community. So relationship's so important because, what's the point having everything else if you could have nobody to share it with.

Rita Black: Yes, I agree with you. I think last year I was thinking about relationships when we my family will sit down and do a vision board thing for the new year. And it's, my whole thing was relationships. Not with my husband, not with my children. Well, I focused on those as well. But yeah, like new relationships. I was like, there's new exciting people out there in the world that I wanna connect with, and I'm excited too because we had been in COVID too, so I was just like, so wanting to, you know, I love my family, I love my, you know, bubble, I guess, you know, everybody was in their bubble, with their bubble friends. I was like, I'm so willing ,too ready to get outside my bubble, you know, let's burst this bubble and get outside.

Rita Black: So abundance, like what kind of stuff would people think about outside of just like when when you focus people on abundance, what does that mean? Like, what would you focus?

Melanie Moore: I like to get people quite specific on, you know, what the vision, because sometimes, you know, and I think this is when people kind of not go wrong with vision boards, but they will just, yeah, I'll stick on this, you know, dream home, this Beverly Hills mansion or whatever. Yeah. I'll put on this, you know, brand new Range Rover. I'll put all these things in, but without kind of really thinking about, you know, and I know part of me again says, don't worry about the how so much, but also part of our lives is, you know, how we make money and how we be of contribution and of service to the world. Because I think for a lot of us, particularly kind of entrepreneurs, we, our work is so much a part of our lives that we've kind of gotta love it.

Melanie Moore: And so what I do love to help people is to kind of cultivate the entrepreneurial spark as well that, you know, people may have. And if they're perfectly happy in their careers as nurses, teachers, or whatever, you know, that's great. But sometimes, I do believe people have, we wanna create and we want to put things out into the world, whether that's an artistic endeavor, you know, writing a book. And I do believe that so many people are not monetizing their gifts and their talents. And this is where I really love to help people as well. Particularly, you know, in times when people are worried about money and the bills and the cost of living rising you know, and a lot of people retreat into lack mode and saving and economizing. I believe in expansion at this time that we shouldn't really be holding back on our desires but rather, what can I do to make this happen? How can I still live this amazing life, travel to these places and make the things happen that I want to happen? You know? Even with my kids, you know, at their, I'm thinking of entrepreneurial ideas for them to have while they're at school and college. There's all sorts of things that they can do. Yeah. Without having to go and resort to, you know, flipping burgers. There's nothing wrong with flipping burgers if you want to, but there's a much better way that they can you know, use their skills and gifts and be of service as well.

Rita Black: That is very, very true. Yeah. I love that. I love that way. It's not just the obvious, you know, how much money do I wanna make or have, but it's my connection to the world. It's my connection to the universe. How am I gonna be of service and you know, expanding, like you said. So that, because that definitely opens up the mind to be creative, engages the imagination rather than just like, what do I wanna make or what do I wanna have? Which isn't as creative as what you're talking about. I love that.

Melanie Moore: I do like to put income goals on my board as well because sometimes we do kind of have to think, okay, if I do want that kind of house and I do wanna drive that car, kind of car, what kinda, what's this gonna kind of cost me on a monthly basis? Right? What is my mortgage payments going to be? Because, you know, I'm really highly encouraged, you know, go on. I'm not sure what the US equivalent is, but in the UK we've got Right Move, which is a big property website. And you can literally go dream house hunting and you can think, yeah, I love the look of that beach house and endorse it and it's gonna cost me, you know, 2 million pounds. But what would the monthly payments on that? So then you can then start chunking it down. Okay. In order for me to have that lifestyle of my vision board, I need to be making about 20 grand a month for example. And then, then it's like, okay, what can I do that's gonna bring me 20 grand a month? And then it's like, it just opens up so many doors, just like --

Rita Black: Absolutely.

Melanie Moore: Okay.. It starts getting into thinking mode rather than as 99% of people think, I can't possibly afford that, it's never gonna happen. Therefore I'm not even gonna entertain that dream or that idea or that vision, and I'm just gonna stay in my comfort zone. Thank you very much.

Rita Black: Yeah. It's so true. When you start chunking things down, anything becomes possible. When you start getting really specific about things and asking yourself because the mind is, it will, if it just believes that next step, you can take that next step. But you've gotta chunk it down that far sometimes. Yeah. I agree with you. A hundred percent. Well, what about health? Like what kind of things do you poke and prod in that world of health? I mean, obviously, you know, we are focused on weight management and being healthy and making healthy food choices. Are there people who want to get outta chronic disease or do they, you know, like creating visions for being well, if they've had sickness?

Melanie Moore: Absolutely. Yes. I have got a couple of members of my community who've got MS and, you know, at different stages and they both have a vision of vibrant health and being well, and, you know, living a full and, you know, full life. Yes, there's people who are, you know, trying to, you know, get to the ideal body weight and, but also fitness goals as well, you know, personal challenges.

Rita Black: Like being able to run some, a distance or something.

Melanie Moore: Run a marathon or half marathon. And to, you know, one of my things that I, you know, love to help women is kind of, you know, I'm at this kind of peri menopausal age and it's to kind of shift our mindset around aging as well. That I'm firmly, one of my mantras is the older I get, the better it gets, you know? The more fun life becomes, the easier life becomes because what's the societal message? It's all downhill from here.

Rita Black: Yeah. Well, it's not true, Melanie. It gets better and better. I love your mantra. I love it. So how would you, like, if you were going to coach people to sit down and put something together, what's the easiest way or what are some steps to doing that?

Melanie Moore: Well, kind of how I've broken it down and how I've refined the process in the last few years, it's just the first step is just to get clarity, you know? What, you know, what is it that your heart and soul truly desire right now? And to, you know, build a picture, you know, each of those pillars. What does that vision look like for you? Now obviously I go deeper with, you know, my clients. We kind of look at actually what are the stories, what's the old stuff that's been blocking you in each of those, you know, whether oh, money blocks, what are kind of the stories? And I know you are the expert in this around kind of, you know, you know, your relationship with food and and wait, but also, you know, what are kind of the stories that have been keeping you stuck, perhaps, you know, there's patterns in relationships that you just can't seem to, you know, break out of, you know. You hear it often when people say, you know, I just keep falling into the same type of guy and you just, you know, it's just like, I'm just running this cycle over, over and again.

Melanie Moore: But also family patterns as well ancestral patterns things kind of often stay in the family yeah. Kind of money stories as well. So it's kind of identifying a lot of that. And I use this process called TNT, which is why I call my process the TNT Visioning. Vision Board experience because TNT stands for Transformational Neural Technique. And it's a process that I can developed and trademarked. And it's literally a combination of tapping and visualization. And sometimes you kinda have to go back in time to kind of reimagine a different past. So, you know, for example, one of my clients, she felt that her story had its roots in being bullied as a child at school. And she often found herself in situations where she didn't speak up. So, you know, we did a TNT technique going back and actually, you know, having a conversation with those childhood bullies. And yes, of course you're not rewriting history, but we are doing tapping, we're doing release work on neutralizing the emotional charge of what happened then. Right? So what I say with TNT is it kind of, it almost clears the past, you know. It clears the part and the whole transformation that it was kind of a happy accident, really, that the acronym TNT is also what dynamite is known as. So it clears the past, literally blasts it away so that you can clear the path for the future.

Rita Black: I love that.

Melanie Moore: And so that then you can, it's a bit like, you know, if you're gonna make a vision board, but it's a bit like, I like to use gardening analogies quite a lot, that there's no point, you know, looking at your disaster zone of a garden with all the weeds and all the plants from last year, all the rocks and the rubble and think, right, I'm gonna go and plant load new plants in the garden. Now you've got to dig up all the old weeds first and prepare the soil and then you plant the seeds. Plant the bulbs. Because that's a vision. It's like you're clearing the, you're doing cleanup, you're doing clearing the past first, and then you are planting this vision in the fertile ground, which is gonna give it the maximum all the right conditions for it to flourish. And then the third, and it's funny, I always say the making of the vision board is probably the least important part of the process because as you know, anyone can do a vision board. You don't need my assistance with it. But then it's, yeah. And the third part is what you do after the vision board is this is kind of when I've kind of recognize all the, some of the amazing things I've manifested in the past. Did I share my, who wants to be a millionaire story?

Rita Black: No! I don't think so.

Melanie Moore: This actually is another fun story. And, but this is when I, this is kind of, I think where the seeds of the TNT process was born, You know. How allies are a bit like a jigsaw and I think, oh, that's how this happened. So anyway, when I, and back in 2009, I was still working in a corporate headhunting career. My children were still quite small. I had a toddler and a baby, and I just wanted to be at home and look after the children. So I kind of just, I was just into the law of attraction and manifesting and, you know, very quick, shortened version of the story is that I told myself, well, I need to manifest 20,000 pounds. Then I will hand my notice in, I'll give up my job, and then I'm gonna start my own business. That's how much I felt I needed. And then, you know, how, so how Mel? How's 20,000 pounds gonna come to you? So I was brainstorming. I thought, I need to go on a game show.

Rita Black: Oh my God!

Melanie Moore: This was before I knew how to create money in my own business. I literally could, the only path that this money could come to me was being on a game show. So it was like, okay, right. How do I get on a game show? So I went online, okay. I quite like, who wants to be a Millionaire? This is the, I love this show and I think I could do well on this show. So how do you get and who wants to be a millionaire? It turns out there was auditions up in Manchester about three hours from me. And anyway long story short, I got on the show. Actually just before I tell you what happened next, I used to work very, when I was doing my corporate job, it was very near the studios where who wants to be millionaires filmed. So I, and this is what kind of got me thinking, oh, I should go on this show. I imagined being on the hot seat. I visualized what it would feel like to be on the show. On the journey to work over it, it was like driving past my vision board. I imagined being in front the host Chris Tarent. And I imagine how nervous I felt. I remember thinking, oh my gosh, I've got fill, I've got hot palpitations here. My visualization is so realistic. And anyway, just a few months later, that vision was a reality. I was in the studio, I was in the hot seat, I was, had the studio lights on me, and and I won 20,000 pounds, which was the amount --

Rita Black: No way. That is crazy. See, you are a master, Melanie! You were a master even before you began. Alright.

Melanie Moore: Well, it's all these kind of, these things that just little jigsaw pieces that kind of came together and you know, it's been 15 years of understanding these different energy, energy laws and these spiritual practices and yeah. Putting them all together in a, in this three day workshop.

Rita Black: Yes. Oh, I think it's amazing. So you have a three-day workshop, Melanie. You guys are like, so Melanie is hosting this workshop in January of 2023. So tell us a little bit about this, because I know you have also like a yeah, just kind of walk us through what it is. I know it's a three day experience so--

Melanie Moore: So it's a three day experience. Now we gather on Zoom, now I'm in the UK, just outside of London. So I guess from a time zone perspective, you can never please everybody. And particularly those on the west coast, it's a little bit trickier, but I have had people kind of wake up at a crack of dawn, join me live, and it's not three days all day, every day. The first day we do a vision planning session together just to get clear clarity on the vision so that on day two you know what you're gonna be focusing on, then we do some other kind of spiritual kind of letting go practices, just do that kind of, that clearing bit that I talked about just now. Then we make the vision boards collectively as a group because I think it's magical when the group energy gets together. We literally have people from every single continent on the world and people get to know each other. People, you know, I've had really good friendships created on this experience and people then share afterwards, you know, this is, it's almost like then speaking into existence You know? What it is you want to create. Right? And then on day three, I take people through the, I call it the vision embodiment process using TNT again to really live and to activate that vision in their imagination. We add, you know, tapping to this as well. And and everything's recorded. So to, I'd say probably about 50% of people join me live and the other 50% watch the replays and do it in their own time. But I like people to kind of join in the kind of the group. And I like, I ask people, you know, get it done within seven days because you know what it's like, you can leave these things, leave these things,

Rita Black: Yes. And then you never get it done.

Melanie Moore: Then you never get it done. So I give people seven, a lot of people actually complete it in the allocated time. They share it, which is wonderful. And yeah, so that's kind of pretty much the process and it's so fun and every year I just enjoy it just more and more and people have a blast doing it.

Rita Black: So the the distinction between like sitting down and doing this yourself, you know, cutting out some pictures from like what I used to do pictures from People magazine. But my thing on is there's a process behind this where you are clearing the way, you are using tapping and of meditation to really dig out the whole old stuff. And you know, it's interesting because with weight management it's similar. Like we have people have these like well we all have our, what I call our struggle story that we kind of carry with us that are all the failed diets and all those things. And if you go back, because it sounds like what you do is not clear, the not only clear the path, but you reframe the path, meaning you, you look at it from a different perspective.

Rita Black: Like you talk to those bullies and now you have the upper hand in that scenario. So your relationship, you can't undo the memory per se, but you can change your relationship to it so that you can resee. And and similarly we do that with weight management, we resee those, that past story as like an empowerment story because all those you know what we would maybe normally say, oh, I failed on that diet. I was like, oh no, I learned something from that. And so I learned more and more and have become more and more skilled, knowledgeable to really finally be done and be successful because all of those were kind of like stepping stones to the present, right? So you do a lot of work, pre-work, then you make the board, which is like you said, the small part of it and then you embody all of that. That's so cool. Yes, I love that.

Melanie Moore: And then the vision embodiment bit, I really encourage people just to work with that. You just keep living that vision, you know, in your imagination daily you know? Neuroscientists say it takes 68 days to rewire your to or rather to create a new neural pathway and this in, and when I look back on it now, I didn't know back then that it was 68 days for me to, you know, manifest being on who wants to be a millionaire. But when I think about the timeframes that were involved, I was doing that on my drive to work every day. Daydreaming, I'm a Pisces, so I daydream very naturally. And but I was doing this process without even realizing, but with all the other elements I was so fixated, the ultimate big vision goal was to start my own business and be at home with the kids.

Melanie Moore: How I could see that happening was being on the game show and winning the money. Because I was laser focused and that's why I think I was successful on such a random manifestation. So with Disneyland, they were very specific. It just like, I was laser focused on those things and that's why I want people, you know, to get focused on your life and these things that are so important because I've, without a shadow of a doubt, I absolutely 100% with my daughter's help for Disneyland, we created that Disneyland experience, but the Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? A hundred percent. That was, there was no fluke or accident or chance

Rita Black: Yeah.

Melanie Moore: That it was all created.

Rita Black: That is so amazing. So now why is it not, I just have to ask Melanie, why is it not January 1st that you're doing this? And because I know it's a little later in January, so give us your reasoning.

Melanie Moore: There's a couple of reasons. There's the practical reason that I think January the first, you know, most people are a bit hungover. Also for my, it's also my son's birthday, so I don't like to do it January the first. But actually I do a lot of my work according to Moon Cycles. Now this is the other part of me, I have quite a spiritual kind of woowoo element to my work that I've, you know, for years I've been doing my work on moon cycles and I always do it, my vision board experience on the first New Moon of the year, which next year happens to be the 20th of January. So I think it runs from the 20th, 22nd of January. I hope I've got those dates correct. They'll be confirmed.

Rita Black: Oh wow.That's so cool.

Melanie Moore: And yeah, because New moons are all about new beginnings, intention setting, and yeah, it's about newness.

Rita Black: Yes. I think that's perfectly time too because I agree with you that we are so frazzled as well after the holidays and we don't know, you know, as from our elbow, pardon my French that it takes a little while to get back into the rhythm of things, to kind of, and then like, oh, okay, let me look to the future. Let me make some decisions. That sounds like a really great time.

Melanie Moore: And I take people through and people have got some, you know, other exercises they can go through. There's a another kind of like a little tapping thing, pre-recorded stuff that people can do even more groundwork..

Rita Black: Oh, prior to the actual workshop itself. Oh, cool. Well, listen, if you guys are interested in joining Melanie, I think I will be joining Melanie. This sounds really awesome. I need to clear some branches. Some logs out of the back,

Melanie Moore: Dead wood!

Rita Black: And TNT my way to a powerful 2023. So if you're interested at Melanie's, link will be in the show notes and you can check out how to get in and and join. I'm, it's super excited that you have people coming from all over the world to this as well because it's fun to do this with other people.

Melanie Moore: It gives such an amazing energy and connections are formed, you know, on these Zooms. And people can start, once people start sharing, I have this uncanny ability to attract, I dunno, I feel it's like my soul family where I connected on some kind of soul, some kind of energetic level. The right people are all connecting the Zoom and there may well be some people on that call that can start helping you manifest your vision in that room.

Rita Black: Right. Oh, interesting too. Right. Because you can put stuff out there and then people can connect with you on that. So Cool. I'll tell you a quick story. So manifesting story, I don't know if I've told my listeners this, but, or well maybe you have, but anyway, it's super crazy. But I've manifested some crazy things in my life, including my husband and I remember because I was, I was dating, I didn't date a lot in New York. I lived in New York and I was, you know, there is a joke when you live in New York City that you, like the men are either married crazy or gay. And I actually literally had a friend who dated a crazy married gay man. So anyway, we were like, okay, we're done, we're done with New York men, I'm not gonna do this anymore.

Rita Black: And I got really clear, I was like, I know what I don't want because I had dated kind of all of them and I was like, what do I do? Do I want, like what is the kind of person I wanna be with? And kind of like your millionaire story. I felt it. I was like, hmm, you know, he would be like this and he would be funny and he would be comfortable and you know, I just, all these things and I was laying in a bathtub. I just remembered this and I had lit a candle and I just said, okay, that's it. And then I said, universe, there you go. Kinda like you with the Disneyland. Like let it go. I was just like, now I'm done. I'm gonna just go live my life and two days later I met my husband. Isn't that crazy?

Melanie Moore: Wow. I love it.

Rita Black: So I'm a big believer in all of this. I don't know, I I know, you are a very woowoo for a British person, you know? I'm California, I'm supposed to be woowoo, but you know, no, I, no actually, it's interesting because I find British people are actually very into hypnosis, very into the healing arts and all, you know, in a way sometimes maybe even more than people here in the United States. I don't know. But it's lovely to speak with you about this stuff Melanie, and thank you for sharing all of that. These are some great insights because I had never thought of really segregating or not segregating, but you know, segmenting so that you can get very specific about these different aspects of your year or your life.

Melanie Moore: And one, yeah. One final thing I'd just like to add is, you know, and we talked about the very beginning that time is just going by so quickly at the moment and this is kind of the energy that I, my intention for this particular vision and it's not an intention that I've put out there before that. I think time is speeding up, but also for our manifestations where my intention is that I don't want people to have to wait years for this stuff to happen. I'm kind of even putting like a 12 month kind of goal on this that you know, what can things look like for you in the next 12 months? So I do actually have a little freebie. It's called the 12-month Future You Meditation. If, you know, if your listeners want to download that, they can access that immediately.

Rita Black: Okay. Sure. That'd be great. I'll put that in show notes.

Melanie Moore: Yeah. And it just takes you for a little trip into the future, you know, like just 12 months from now because, and just like you said, how you manifest your husband, I think when we let go the resistance, when we do the prep work, this stuff can happen fast and that's the intention I'm putting out there for people, you know, going through this process with me. Let's make this stuff happen quickly because you know, we're not getting any younger

Rita Black: Well, I was gonna ask about that. Like, do people come back then every year and do it again with you for every year? Because it is sort of, it is a year, right? Like you guys are working on, will be working on 2023.

Melanie Moore: Actually in my community, we actually do this twice a year together. We do this in January and we do it again in June. And I'm a firm believer that our visions change and they, you know, 12, 13 years ago, the big vision I had was to quit my corporate career and just be a stay-at-home mom and have a fledgling therapy business. My vision was no bigger than that. But then as my kids have got older, as my life has changed, my vision has changed. And you know, the same will happen for all of us. So it's not like you'd make one vision board and you're stuck with that for the next 20 years. Our lives evolve and, but our priorities change as well. And then, you know, what was important five years ago might not be so important anymore. So yeah. You know, and a different pillar, maybe your focus.

Rita Black: That's so cool. So everybody, so I will have a couple of links in the show notes, ways to, if you wanna enroll in her upcoming workshop, which sounds really exciting. 20Th of January, 2023. Those of you pass that time we'll probably change up the link. Or you can, we'll have Melanie's contact so that you can contact her and get into the June or the next. If you are listening to this later than that, I know we have to be mindful of all of our friends who find us a little later, but this has been awesome. I'm really looking forward to that. Just the whole idea of, I love the end of the year and the beginning of the year for this reason. It's such a powerful thing to do and opportunity. So thank you so much for coming on and, and guiding us all, all through that. Melanie, it's been a pleasure to have you back.

Melanie Moore: Thank you so much for having me.

Rita Black: Well thank you and Happy New Year to you!

Melanie Moore: And to you too!

Rita Black: Thank you Melanie, for being on the show. And everybody check out what Melanie has to offer in the with her workshop in January and with her freebie that she's offering you. Those are both in the show notes. Have an amazing holiday season, everyone from here at Thin Thinking to you and yours, happy, healthy and vibrant holidays. We will be back next week for more Thin Thinking. But until then, have an amazing love-filled connection, filled, healthy, weak. And remember that the key and probably the only key to unlocking the door, the weight struggle is inside you. So keep listening and find it.

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